• Fulton County Gets Busted Certifying False Election Results!

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    June 17, 2022
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    Ex-Dominion employee Dominic Olomo refuses to show election records to Fulton County election officials

    Fulton County Elections Are Getting Even More Weird, Emergency Meeting Called To 'Recertify' After 'Discrepancies' Found In Machine Data, After Cobb, And Dekalb Debacle

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    Today I’ve got exclusive coverage of Fulton County elections — and the obvious fraud being conducted in Georgia using Dominion Voting machines. That’s because I’ve obtained documents from a source who has been in contact with Fulton County election officials, and those documents show that the claims made by Fulton County’s IT Director (and ex-Dominion Voting Systems employee and Nigerian citizen) Dominic Olomo are clearly false.

    Let’s recap this story for you: the Fulton County Board of Registration and Elections (BRE) met on May 29th and certified the 2022 Primary Election results — those results were counted, tabulated and provided using Dominion Voting machines.

    A week later, on June 5th, Fulton County BRE called an emergency meeting to recertify the election results because their IT Director, Dominic Olomo, claimed that the May 29th results had not been properly counted! So it’s beyond dispute: the May 29th election which used Dominion machines was a failure...

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