• FOIA Request Reveals Bizarre Guest For Brad Raffensperger Prior To 2020 Senate Runoff Election - Then WA SoS Kim Wyman Flew To Be 'Put To Work' By Raffy, Then Resigned, Joined Biden Administration

    By Staff
    June 23, 2022

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    Raffensperger Bizarre Holiday Visitor

    While the rest of America was trying to keep up with their lives in December 2020, after Covid and the election - the then WA SoS Kim Wyman - texted Brad Raffensperger a solicitation to visit to help out In way with his work. 

    So sweet of her to visit between Christmas and New Years during the pandemic to help out Brad for two days. Her trip was on 12/28/2020  - 12/30/2020.

    We wonder what they talked about, and what she did?

    The election fraud in Washington state was epic.

    (h/t Amber Krabach)

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    John rodriguez

    i KEEP SAYING....Watch all the sect of states...They are all in the club together...What does anyone with a right mind think they were doing, she obviously brought him a thumb drive, or some other software to make sure in the Senate Run off, that Warnock would win. The sect of states have meetings every year, and many other meetings throughout the year, they should be searched, before and after each and every meeting, and all phone calls should be recorded with another person on the line, to make ABSOLUTELY SURE THINGS DONT HAPPEN LIKE THE LIES THAT WERE TOLD ABOUT TRUMP...REMEMBER Kemp chief of staff is a former DOMINION LOBBYIST.


    Yes agree


    sounds plausible

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