• Bogus Primary Certification Out of Dooly County, GA - The May 24th Primary Should Be Decertified Immediately

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    July 14, 2022
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    Yet another seemingly invalid Georgia Primary Certification occurred in Dooly County, which reveals that a SINGLE BOARD MEMBER signed A BLANK CERTIFICATION FORM on the WRONG LINE. Ms. Betty Bryant signed on the attestation line attesting to NOTHING certified by ANYONE regarding the May 24, 2022 primary election.

    Election Superintendents and designees have taken oaths to conduct themselves lawfully under Georgia Election Code. They appear to be having difficulty in Dooly. Page 5 of these returns is a "Consolidated Municipal / County Certification of Returns" signed on May 26, 2022 by the Board of Elections and Registration. Attestation is to a seal that was not made.

    Dooly County submitted these documents to the Secretary of State, and they were clocked in by 'SOS Elections' on June 3, 2022 at 7:15AM. Dooly County clicked over from unofficial to official results on June 1, 2022 at 3:03PM leading citizens to believe that these were the documents the Election Division, led by Blake Evans, accepted to meet the standards of his seemingly incompetent department supporting the desperate election of Brad Raffensberger. 

    Brenetta C. Childs, the Election Supervisor, should sign on that line AFTER a quorum of the Board, listed below, signs. The forms are also missing: Date, County and Seal.

    All information can be found on the Dooly county website.

    Dooly County Board of Elections and Registration – Current Members

    District #1:  Gwendolyn Ford
    – began serving 01/2010
    – current term expires 12/31/2025

    District #2:  Lee Harris
    – began serving 02/2022
    – current term expires 12/31/2023

    District #3:  Wayne Wilkin
    – began serving 04/2017
    – current term expires 12/31/2025

    District #4:  Earl Clark, Jr.
    – began serving 05/2022
    – current term expires 12/31/2025

    District #5:  Betty Bryant
    – began serving 01/2016
    – current term expires 12/31/2023

    If you would like to get involved with government accountability, consider reaching out to the Elections Division Director, Blake Evans. Office Number: 404-656-2871 // Fax Number: 404-463-5231 // Email: [email protected]

    Mr. Evans is formerly the Deputy Director of the State Elections Division and Fulton County Elections Chief as recently as 2019. Fulton is the Atlanta home of the Georgia State Government, which is currently under Republican control

    The previous articles released this week regarding bogus Georgia primary certifications describe more of the legal concerns surrounding this kind of neglectful activity and other tips for citizens interested in government transparency activities.

    Bulloch County Article 7/8/22

    Henry County Article 7/11/22

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