• BREAKING: Cherokee County Election Board Attorney Threatens Board Members With $5k/Vote Fine, Defeats Hand Recount Vote For May 24 Primary

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    August 1, 2022
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    This story is developing...

    We wrote several weeks ago about multiple counties in Georgia voting for a hand recount of the May 24th primary, where Establishment GOP candidates won handily with totals far ahead of where they were polling, Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger especially.

    Today, the Cherokee County Board of Elections declined to vote for a hand recount after threat of financial consequences by County Election Board Attorney Ann Brumbaugh.

    If a county elections board can't make its own decision away from legal threats from the Georgia judicial system and the Secretary of State, then why have an elections board at all?

    We have reached out to the County Attorney's office for comment.

    Here is the audio of Attorney Brumbaugh's comments at the hearing.

    You be the judge.

    There is MUCH more reporting to come on this...

    Below is a report from the Georgia Election Audit Update Telegram channel.

    Cherokee Co., Georgia 

    BOE Meeting - 8/1 - 9:30am 

    Despite some brave people speaking truth this AM, unfortunately the meeting soured after a bit of deliberation by the BoE.

    The (seemingly) highly partisan attorney came out and spoke, saying that the board should NOT advance a vote for hand recount, under threat of personal financial penalty ($5k per ballot counted) and potential dissolution of the board by the SOS.

    In turn, if the BOE were to be dissolved, the SOS could appoint a single person to run/control the "board" going forward. This is due to the recent? SB202 legislation that passed.

    The chairman, Alan Shinall, agreed to a motion to NOT hold a vote, [initiated by Rachel Kinsey], based on the information delivery from the attorney and stated a "fact" that the initial recount only yielded a 2% difference. The motion was seconded by Donald Sams and the only not in favor was Mike Byrd, to Mr. Shinall's left. Despite the overall tremendous letdown, the crowd erupted in cheers and celebration of Mr. Byrd's courage.

    Most everyone in attendance quickly left thereafter, in effect, disregarding the board and their continued meeting altogether.



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    Steve J.

    She strong armed these guys. If there wasn't something to hide she wouldn't have done this. Life is about choices. If they believed the hand count is necessary do it. Call her bluff. GA is so corrupt. Thank God for voter GA.

    Karl F.

    If there is nothing to hide why not do the recount. BoE attorney was a bully and the board except Mike was spineless. When the hell are they going to listen to the citizens in this county???

    Anne Hamilton

    $5k per voter x 25k voters. The attorney couldn't multiply 5x25 = 125 and put six zeros behind that. So, it's a $125,000,000 threat plus losing our county elections to state control.

    She needs to be tarred and feathered.

    Citizens here are experiencing tyrannical voter suppression.

    A. Gordon

    I agree! That was a travesty! Why don't they just remove the QR codes that no one can interpret and have a hand count of the ballots from day one! It would be must easier to detect miscounts! The machines are fraud and anyone who stands behind them represent fraud! That attorney bullied the BOE right in front of our faces with no disregard for her actions. Regardless of her reading an email response from sitting officials who see no reason to compromise their position, she showed no regard for integrity or fairness. They squawk about having to pay for people to recount when there were already enough volunteers to do the job!


    The room was packed with patriots who gave solid convincing statements on why the hand count is necessary yet the BOE ignored all of them and voted "no". It was like something out of an Orwell novel. The lawyer bullied them for sure. It was disgusting to watch and listen to.


    The Patriots of Georgia cannot rely on flesh alone, they must remember it is not by might, and not by power, but by His Spirit. Remember Georgia was once known as the Bible Belt! Repent and return to Him. Join together, fast and pray, humble yourselves before the mighty God.

    Joan Scherer

    Spineless. No one willing to take one for the team.
    The rules/laws are very one sided.


    Are there any big law firms out there yet, who've reaped multi-generational riches in their practice, whose collective partners' and associates' souls might per chance have possibly been called away from the prospectus of high garnered wealth and status in order to sacrifice and fight for the higher cause, for the blaring and urgent American collective necessity to defend our Constitutional rights as citizens. I ask, where were our opposing, threatening, assertive law firms and attorneys on the side of The People, on the side of The People's rights to see and count our own damn ballots? Where are the Patriot attorneys this day... or any day? LMK if you EVER see one in Georgia.


    You have to stand u to that bully. Obviously they are cheating. 2 possibilities.

    Sam Munnerley

    I bet if enough people called her bluff, contribute money to make this happen then counter sue her thus would end. DOES SHE HAVE LEGAL STANDING TO FORCE THESE FINES ?

    Damn Dean

    If they are willing to threaten them, for carrying out their duties,… that says that there is something there. Something that someone doesn’t want investigated. It reminds me of how mobsters work when they use lawyers, and they want to cover something up.

    Amazing how some folks say no fraud happen, and offer no evidence of a free and fair election. Instead, they fight transparency at every turn, to prevent transparency in the elections. If the government says “take my word for it” they are spewing lies out of their pie holes.

    If they want people to have faith in elections,… prove they are free and fair.
    It’s not like the people haven’t seen 2000 Mules.

    There are legitimate concerns about our elections. The ruling elite are dismissing concerns over the elections, and vigorously fight any attempt to prove the election was free and fair, or fraudulent.

    Then considering Biden did mention on video of the voter fraud team he had put together,… that MSM just totally ignores.

    How deep does the corruption go in our government?

    sharon sivori

    This SOS has been corrupt since the 2020 election. He maintained he did 3-4 recounts but he was only recounting the same illegal ballots. Ballots of dead people, ballots of wrong addresses, they used business addresses which was illegal, no matching of signatures. Georgia is a huge mess, and Abrams and SOIS are behind most of it. I don't trust Kemp either!

    Dean Maddox

    We need to recall Brad Raffensperger. He is nothing but a corrupt crook as well as CHris Carr, the corrupt Attorney General in Georgia and Brian Kemp the corrupt Governor in Georgia. Our whole system in Georgia is corrupt and we the people of Georgia have to stand up to this corruption or we will never have a free and fair election in Georgia again.


    What, did she point a gun at them or something? What a board of weenies.

    Fed up in GA

    3 months before 2020 election. The Dems sued Raffensberger over use of Dominion BMD and they settled when he allowed Zuckerberg ballot boxes.

    Here is a bit of the Curling v Raffensberger text
    Plaintiffs’ challenge focuses on the Defendants’ implementation of the new statewide BMD system, pursuant to the terms of the State's 2019 contract with Dominion Voting Systems. The software and hardware system purchased provides for each citizen's BMD ballot vote selections to be printed on a paper ballot generated by a printer connected to the BMD. But the tabulation of the vote is actually based on the ballot's non-encrypted QR barcode on the ballot – designed to summarize the voter's ballot selections in code – that by itself is not voter reviewable or verifiable. Thus, Plaintiffs contend that the system precludes direct voter verification of the QR barcode of votes cast on the ballot. The printed ballot is fed into an ImageCast optical scanner that tabulates the ballot votes solely based on the QR code – and not based on the human readable text on the printed ballot. Plaintiffs


    The level of corruption & bullying is unbelievable. Everyday it becomes more & more apparent that the rule of law & the Constitution mean nothing anymore. Patriots have got to figure out how to fight these treasonist soulless creatures. Do you have a Constitutional Sheriff that you can file a complaint against the head of the BOE & the BOE, if so, he will be obligated to open an investigation of the threats & intimidation?


    Why wasn't the sheriff in the room? And how did I miss this.. I would have told the BOE they are under citizens arrest if they don't do the hand recount


    The SOS* not the BOE

    David Cross

    Time to file an ethics complaint against the lawyer for up to upholding the Constitution of Georgia.

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