• Avalon's Posman Books Holds Another Drag Queen Show, Allegations Of Child Grooming Fly

    August 11, 2022

    Alpharetta Store is a fountain of propaganda for the sexualization, and indoctrination of Georgia children

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    The tony Avalon outdoor mall in Alpharetta is a high-end shopping experience, and highly curated for expensive retailers and restauranteurs, to serve its wealthy target market.

    Avalon is also now alleged by Alpharetta citizens to be a hotspot for child sexualization, or in other words, 'child grooming', many local residents have told The Georgia Record.

    The retail outlet Posman Books held another in a string of 'Drag Queen Shows' recently. The event was attended by a small number school-aged children and their parents, according to witnesses. The event was also attended by scores of enraged parents and nearby residents, furious at the material presented, which they feel is nothing other than the sexualization of children, and what they say is 'child grooming', or preparing small children to be approached and abused by pedophiles. The 'transgender' agenda is also on display. The 'transitioning' (or physical mutilation) of children often leads to suicide and mental illness years later, when the child realizes what was done to them.

    The Georgia Record contacted Posman Books several times for this story, asking to speak to the manager. We were routinely told, 'the manager would be back tomorrow'. Tomorrow never came and the manager never returned our call.

    We also spoke to Paul Bodine of the management team of Avalon, or NA Properties. He asked for an email regarding the situation, but never responded to the email we sent. Another local resident spoke to Bodine, and she quoted him in a remark to her on the phone, "Wow, you really know a lot about the child grooming issue," but Bodine did not provide any other comments to the concerned citizen, who wishes to remain anonymous out of concern for her children in local schools, who have been targeted by school officials.

    Alpharetta residents called and asked if background checks were done on the 'drag queen' presenter and were hung up on at Posman Books.

    Readers can decide for themselves if Posman Books is attempting to push a radical cultural Marxist agenda, or is just promoting 'family fun' events.

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    Avalon's Posman Books Holds Another Drag Queen Show, Allegations Of Child Grooming Fly


    L Todd Wood

    L. Todd Wood is the CEO of Creative Destruction Media. He's also been a longtime national security columnist for the Washington Times, and other large publications. Visit LToddWood.com.

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    Marie Sosebee, pediatric RN

    I am a resident of East Cobb who frequents the Avalon. I have a 6 year old son. I am also a 23 year professional who works with children. And under no circumstances is it appropriate or family-friendly to have a drag queen reading to children, nor taking photos with children sitting in their lap afterwards. I would NEVER allow my child... whether born as a boy or girl... to sit in the lap of a strange man, other than Santa. It is unsafe. It is irresponsible. And it is a gateway to opening doors and perpetuating confusion that is simply unacceptable. Those that take advantage of children, whether psychologically or physically, prey on this type of confusion. It is the
    adult community's AND the Avalon Management's responsibility to listen to adults and parents. And to stop sexualizing a safe haven that should simply be a bookstore. It not only is unsafe, it makes a joke and farce out of the seriousness and legitimacy of transgenderism. And pushing an adult agenda should not be at the expense of children. It's not "cute" and it's not woke. It's disrespectful to the transgender community. I would imagine that transgender adults... TRUE ones... would also agree on the inappropriateness of the messaging this sends for its own community.


    The only reason I can think of that a parent would let their young children be subject to these sicko, mentally confused, deranged sexual perverts is because the parent is a sicko, mentally confused sexual deranged pervert themself.

    P Maravech

    It should be noted that AVALON security was there, to usher out of the store anyone who Posman decided they did not want in the store. Avalon Security also called in Alpharetta Police to help escort parents who objected to Posman employees or even just made a face or otherwise indicated they were not happy with the draq queen show.


    This is like a horror story. A bookstore was a place I always took each of my 9 grandchildren. It was a source of knowledge and adventure. This is grooming children who's minds should not be on sex. Why is this allowed in Georgia. I have written the governor's office and the Child Protective Services about this. I have done a lot of business at Avalon. No more until this store is closed.

    Lois Finlay

    I, nor my family or friends will frequent Avalon until this insanity is stopped! This behavior is absurd and should be illegal! How dare allow an Avalon business to support this behavior around our kids!


    As I understand it, you should not be involved with CPS. They are aledegedly a serious part of this serious problem!

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