• THREATCON SIGOLOFF - U.S. Army Eliminates Patriot Physician Threat

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    August 12, 2022
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    Imagine serving your nation as a U.S. Army physician, ready to courageously save lives in a wartime environment. You've even demonstrated you were willing to jump out of military planes to reach your patients by successfully completing the U.S. Army Airborne School. Consider you've built a reputation for enthusiastically and consistently delivering treatment to sick patients, while also demonstrating such excellent administrative skills that you'd been selected to direct a large installation medical clinic. Yet, you find yourself on the receiving end of a spiral of government pressure, not on foreign enemies, but on you! This new military 'force' has become intent on labeling you a 'threat' to your nation.

    Dr. Samuel Sigoloff, Doctor of Osteopathy, featured with his parents .

    To your horror, you've witnessed the purge of thousands of highly-trained personnel and their families from military service. This is because Americans 'like you' are refusing to be broken by the pressure and would rather return to the civilian sector, some without their hard-earned benefits.

    Meanwhile, unprecedented numbers of normally willing, potential recruits have refused to serve because of the vaccine pressure of the current regime. You've seen these youngsters pass through your clinic. It is painful.

    Senior military appointees, who insist on a seemingly unending coercive 'vaccine' response, appear to be driven by questionable corporate and global interests. At the local command level, you judge that the value of soldiers 'like you' hinges on the leader's ability to push them to violate their conscience. Otherwise, they go the negative counseling and discharge route. It is sick.

    You were once an 'Army of One, now, 'they' actually think you can divert your glance from spiking mortality rates and disease in the military population. 'They' think that Americans didn't notice when fraudsters manipulated the Defense Military Epidemiological Database (DMED). 'They' think the military prestige and benefits are enough to own a soul. 'They' are mistaken.

    How much longer can you continue to witness high-risk injections administered against the will of American soldiers who hold sincerely held religious beliefs and/or have a troubling health status? When will the coercion, harm, and completely unnecessary abuse to soldiers and families cease? Will the suicide rates subside when prayers for relief are granted by leadership and judges? Will you continue reckoning with a government bent on circumventing genuine informed consent to patients?

    As the illogical havoc continues, a national spotlight sees your commitment as either heroic or insubordinate. After all, you were willing to enjoin the whistleblower filing with Army flight doctor LTC Theresa Long nearly a year ago warning that COVID vaccines are more risky, harmful and dangerous to young military pilots than having no vaccine at all.

    Your trusted friends catch you. Patients quietly thank you. Your nation clearly wants to stop you.

    This perspective is much like Dr. Samuel Sigoloff's - former Director of the Raymond Bliss Medical Center at Fort Huachuca, Arizona. His military personnel status changed last week, August 5, as he is now considered a 'threat' to the U.S. Army. The notice arrived to Dr. Sigoloff in the form of an email CC on August 1. The message, sent to local military police and command leaders, read as follows:

    ALCON: Here is some information on the subject of tomorrow’s Threat Working Group:


    DoDID: page3image1701824 DOB: page3image1701408

    Please let me know if you need anything else.
    I will try to obtain it before tomorrows meeting.

    Thank you.

    David A. Prince
    Directorate of Plans, Training, Mobilization, and Security Plans Officer
    Fort Huachuca, AZ


    "A Threat Working Group is responsible for identifying foreign, domestic, and local threats and informing the installation commanding officer (CO) of current threat trends in the area of responsibility.

    A threat is the perceived imminence of intended aggression by a capable entity to harm a nation, a government, or its instrumentalities, such as intelligence, programs, operations, people, installations, or facilities. A threat can be an indication, circumstance, or event with the potential to cause loss of, or damage to, an asset or capability. Examples of threats include threats from the Foreign Intelligence agents, terrorist organizations, foreign military or paramilitary forces, criminal activities, civil disturbances, insider threats, environmental threats, and cyber threats."

    - Center for Development of Security Excellence, Introduction to Physical Security (U.S. Department of Defense)

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    Dr. Sigoloff remitted a prompt and respectful reply to the message, stating his willingness to attend, answer questions, and to "help uphold our oath to protect the Constitution." Then, they quietly changed the meeting details and met without Dr. Sigoloff to certify his termination as Fort Huachuca Medical Clinic Director.

    According to his attorney, Sean Timmons, Managing Partner of Tully Rinckey PLLC’s Houston, Texas office:

    "Although Dr. Sigoloff was trying to assist service men and women, he faces the loss of his medical license due to his command questioning his ethics. My client’s command has prevented life-saving medications from getting to patients by banning Ivermectin. Dr. Sigoloff has been removed from all medical duties due to his willingness to advocate for soldiers who were trying to receive medical waivers to avoid the mandatory vaccination. His status is currently pending a peer review and further adverse action from his chain of command. His licensing case with the State of Texas is also pending a hearing."

    Dr. Sigoloff hosts a data, law, and medical podcast to provide processing of the ongoing COVID situation involving the military. Named 'After Hours with Dr. Sigoloff,' he has recently been covering the classification of the virus as a bioweapon against our nation. The first installment of the series states: "The enemy has developed a bioweapon and has now injected it into all of the military. The military members that did not get the bioweapon are told they are dirtbags and kicked out the the military. This would be a great action movie plot but instead its a terrible tragedy happening before your eyes. Please watch as Dr. Sigoloff shows you the bioweapon and who designed it." The series features many knowledgeable guests and a look at the ongoing trauma to our nation.

    The Epoch Times has covered Dr. Sigoloff's story this week and in June. The Pentagon response to three leading military physicians, including Dr. Sigoloff, is included in this February 2022 article. Military with eligibility may choose to file a complaint with the U.S. Army Inspector General regarding the conditions surrounding the coercive pressure Dr. Sigoloff is experiencing. These issues are negatively impacting the health of soldiers and families while intimidating other military medical professionals from acting under good conscience.



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