• Artistic Rebuttal To Raffensperger's Ballot Blocking Lawyer

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    August 19, 2022
    Artistic Rebuttal To Raffensberger's Ballot Blocking Lawyer
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    The nation knows that Georgia Elections are non-transparent. Raffensperger, his staff, and those he protects run, hide, divert, fallacy-build, and then attempt to weaponize the judicial system to block the citizen interest. If he sincerely cared about the interest of Georgia citizens in regards to their right to a functioning verifiable election franchise, he would have made a hard right in August 2019 when Judge Amy Totenberg ordered Georgia to scrap its existing voting machines for an updated system, and to create a paper ballot backup protocol 'in case the new system is not online in time.' Perhaps, they meant, in case it is 'always online,' with updates and internet connections, as has been shown to be the case with Georgia's Dominion system.

    Along with this thinking, the earlier 2018 Curling vs. Raffensperger case includes a reminder of strong Federal recommendations for another means of vote verifiability. The Board of Advisors of the U.S. Elections Assistance Commission (EAC) passed a resolution in 2018 recommending that the EAC "not certify any system that does not use voter-verifiable paper as the official record of voter intent."  Dr. Wenke Lee, Professor of Computer Science at Georgia Tech University and Co-Executive Director of the Institute for Information Security – the sole computer scientist appointed to the Secretary of State's new Secure Accessible Fair Elections ("SAFE") Commission – has echoed these same paper ballot and audit verification recommendations in his August 30, 2018 presentation on cybertechnology to the Commission. 

    The state election marketing floodgates opened in August 2019 when Brad Raffensperger and Gabe Sterling went under contract with Dominion for a new 'paper-ballot verifiable voting system.'

    THE SECURE THE VOTE WEBSITE is replete with glowing promotional statements regarding the new system that will produce a paper ballot to allow for 'verification and auditing of election results.' Countless statements re-assure the public that we can be 'confident in the ability of the paper-ballot system to ensure trustworthy and accurate election results.' It continues that the 'perceived' concerns involving the non-verifiable QR-Code 'ballots images' caused Raffensperger to work with Dominion to give us 'special access' to 'scanned images of all [QR-Code] ballots cast in statewide elections available.' However, this image output does not complete the audit loop and the access is not special. Access to all public records is our right. Because we cannot trace the ballots back to individuals voter, the other half of the ballot loop is the official record of voter intent, which is the paper ballot itself not involving any interpretive scanning by the Dominion system.

    Information has been located regarding Chinese ties to our U.S. voting systems. The Confucius Institute (renamed the Chinese International Education Foundation) had a cozy spot at Savannah State University until recently. And, the state government continues to be part of the foolishly open door to the foreign threat of the China's involvement in our infrastructure. All of those programs, corporations, and schools in China are actually 'owned' by the Chinese Communist Party.

    Now, in 2022, the state is attempting the ongoing denial of these official records of voter intent. It is almost as if the CCP has infiltrated the brains of our government officials and caused them to exhibit the disease of illogical chaos that runs contrary to the rule of law, similar to China.

    To make matters obvious, Ryan Germany issued a memorandum days after the 5/24/22 statewide and federal primary election denying inspection and copy access to the official records of voter intent (GA Code 50-18-70 through 74). Here is a humble citizen artistic rendering of legal information and deducible opinion onto the allegedly false bulletin he produced and distributed to all counties.

    Artistic Rebuttal to Ryan Germany

    If you are a Georgia citizen, you are a victim of this presumable illegal activity because the official records of voter intent (ballots) were requested for copy in every single Georgia county by VoterGA on 5/24/22 and by many private citizens shortly thereafter. Their remittance has been universally denied, despite all records at that time being in the temporary safekeeping of the elections department and not under the legal seal of the Clerk of the Superior Court. It is reported that Cherokee County did unseal the election returns briefly this summer to inspect them and to prepare for the tyrannical state hammer wielded against county board members on 8/1/22.

    Our law states that "anyone refusing to provide access to records not subject to exemption from this article... or by knowingly and willingly attempting to frustrate the access to records by intentionally making records difficult to obtain or review shall be guilty of a misdemeanor" (GA Code 50-18-74). As there is no apparent court order or statute specifically exempting paper ballots (GA Code 50-18-71), it seems that there MAY be many criminals running around Georgia collaborating with the Secretary of State. They may be your neighbors. Perhaps, Georgia citizens need to learn how to deal with their crime-infested counties and forget about Abrams and Biden for a moment. Call the Sheriff!

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    I tried joining Republician meetings but as soon as I raised these issues I may as well have been talking to Jenna Ellis.Blah, blah, blah 'talking points' 'Elections in our district are secure'we're rural which may be the case but they're has to be pushback about those machines in our state coming from us as well.It was pissing in the wind, I stopped going.

    Sarah Thompson

    It is very difficult when they promote and protect what is going on. In most counties, the representative system has been replaced by a dog and pony show or 'candidate speaking club.'

    Paul L. Nally

    The above OEB is 1 of two pieces of evidence (the other is the state law) proving, not just probable cause, but beyond a reasonable doubt, that Ryan Germany is presently an unindicted felon for violating o.c.g.a. 16-8-2 or 16-8-3. Hope a Grand Jury is reading this and I get a summons.

    Michael Daugherty

    Amen….and they just sit there…mouths, ears and eyes wide shut.

    Joe Madden

    Georgia must get rid of Dominion Voting Machines and go back to Ballots. There is no way Trump lost this state.

    George Washington

    The contest cites evidence collected from a VoterGA monitoring team during a June 6 Cobb Co. hand count
    audit. The team monitored most Election Day ballots in the Vinings 04 precinct and found Raffensperger
    received about 53% of the Republican Election Day SOS votes while the Dominion voting system awarded
    him 68.4% of those votes. Thus, the Dominion software attributed about 15% more votes to Raffensperger’s
    electronic totals than the actual paper ballots seem to show. Since county tabulators are prepped centrally
    under the jurisdiction of the SOS office and vulnerable to a single point of attack, there is a significant risk
    that all tabulators statewide awarded extra votes to Raffensperger which helped him avoid an expected runoff.

    CISA has kept under wraps for almost a year a report from University of Michigan computer scientist J. Alex Halderman claiming the Dominion ImageCastX has vulnerabilities that could be exploited. The report was sealed by Federal Judge Amy Totenberg in the Curling v. Raffensperger case that has been ongoing since 2019.

    George Soros just named Lord Mark Malloch-Brown as president of Open Society Foundation. Brown is the former CEO of Smartmatic, the company deeply tied to voter fraud company Dominion Voting Systems.
    Nothing to see here. Biggest left wing donor in the world promotes Lord Mark Malloch-Brown / Dominion machines to President of Open Society (the biggest Non Profit organization promoting left wing BLM, Stacey Abrams, Antifa, Left wing Attorney General and much more. Dominion Machines are directly tied to left wing Soros. NO CORRUPTION HERE. NOTHING TO SEE HERE

    Gina butler

    We know. Trump won. Ga. SOS kemp lt governor. Abrams all were in on the fraud. Why hasn't. Ruby freeman and her daughter been arrested ? We know Warnock and osoff cheated. Throw out machines. Ga is corrupt

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