• Election Integrity Warrior David Clements Confronts Fulton County Commission

    By Staff
    September 9, 2022

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    Professor and former prosecutor David Clements confronts Fulton County Commissioners over election fraud.

    Many concerned residents of Fulton County expressed their desire for Fulton County Commissioners to use Georgia Code Sections 21-2-334 and 21-2-366 which authorizes them to cast aside the Dominion Voting system and conduct elections on paper ballots tabulated at the precinct level. Among those testifying was Prof. David Clements. Many in attendance voiced their criticism for the manner in which the meeting was conducted.

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    Terry Brewer

    These government agents are so freaking holier-than-thou. We need TERM LIMITS on every appointed and elected government employee, up to and including judges, law enforcement, and local-state-federal politicians. Do away with qualified immunity, and prosecute any politician, judge, or government agent that attempts to subvert or mislead the citizenry on our Constitution or nullify our rights. Get rid of lobbyists. Seize all assets of any company, corporation, or other entity that attempts to influence an election or law maker.

    Bruce Dowdy

    Amen! Let's all get back to the American Foundation of JUSTICE - The CONSTITUTION!

    Jim Forbes

    The arrogance and ignorance of that council is beyond insanity. This is why so many individuals and businesses are fleeing Atlanta and the State of Georgia. The entitlements are bankrupting cities and states all around the country and there is a common denominator that no one wants to address for fear of being attacked with out and out lies and physical damage to our homes and businesses. Like so many other cities around the country, the management of Atlanta is as criminal as inside any prison . There is a war coming and it is over the very existence of our nation. We are running out of time.


    What does "confronts" mean? Nothing? He scolded them? Did they care? Did it stop Georgia election theft? The headline should read "nothing changes in Georgia."


    Fulton County was among the largest partners in the crime of stealing the election in 2020.

    Even if half its residents were to pick up and move to other counties, to other states, Fulton County voter rolls would retain the names, count their illegal votes, and suffer no consequences. That's the reality.

    There are some possible counters to this level of fraud. Getting rid of machines and adhering to traditional paper ballot processing will go a long way. But should the machines remain for the upcoming Midterms, we need to look at the recent AZ primary, how Arizonans overcame the establishment rigging, and nominated Kari Lake as GOP candidate for governor.

    I am not prone to hyperbole, far from it. But when I say the survival of the United States depends on the outcome of the 2022 Midterms, I am deadly serious and grounded in reality.

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