• What To Remember 21 Years Later 

    September 11, 2022

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    It’s the 21st Anniversary of 9/11. That means anyone in America too young to drink alcohol wasn’t even alive that day. How do we honor those who gave so much that day, lost so much that day, fought in Wars that started that day? Remember. But not in some cheesy Instagram picture or Bumper Sticker Way. You see, those First Responders and Soldiers are still out there fighting in the present tense. In many ways, their battles are fiercer than ever before in our history. 9/11 is the massive American Tragedy forced on us by our enemies that leads to Remembrance of a million everyday American Tragedies and enemies so many are battling. Please stop to Remember the unfathomable sacrifices Soldiers and First Responders make for your freedom every day. Pray for them. And support them.  

    I heard Bernard Kerik talk about being the NYC Police Commissioner on 9/11 this week. He talked about how many cops and firefighters he knew and led were vaporized, and how all that was left of some of them was half a melted Glock and the pins used to hold their shields to their uniforms. About the sound like an explosion that it made when people jumped from the towers 900 feet to their deaths so they wouldn't burn alive.  Can you imagine the agonizing decision those jumpers faced, deciding between disintegrating upon impact after falling nearly 1000 feet or being burned or crushed alive as the Towers collapsed? Can you imagine what it felt like that day for the First Responders who saw and heard the impacts of each of those eternal souls? What they faced after the first Tower collapsed as they still ran into the other to save as many people as possible, knowing they’d likely never make it out? 

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    I was a LT at the time, a year out of West Point. I was stationed in Europe, on a work trip to Germany.  It was late afternoon there, and info was so disjointed that day. We had this one little TV with American news on it, and everyone was crowded around it. One lady in the room had a husband at the Pentagon, and communications were so jammed she couldn’t find out if he was ok. It took some days to get back to my Duty Station because all American bases went on such a high and instant lockdown. We didn’t know if or when the next attacks would be coming. And within a few weeks of that fateful day, the first wave of Soldiers deployed in what would become an endless Deployment Cycle spanning decades.  

    President Bush had a press event on Aircraft Carriers under banners that proclaimed, “Mission Accomplished!!” while American soldiers were being killed in the streets of Iraq and Mountains of Afghanistan. What mission? How was it accomplished? Fast forward to 2021 and another President tramples the decades of sacrifice of those same soldiers by handing over the land and bases paid for with their blood to the Taliban along with nearly $100M of our armaments and equipment. I talked to soldiers who were on that airfield that day. 13 didn’t make it home and many came home critically maimed. Imagine how frustrated you are with your current Airport experience.  Then imagine there are over 1000 people on your flight, bullets flying, people next to you being trampled to death, soldiers in your unit being blown up by an IED outside the wire, and that all of it was preventable.    

    Many in this present day toss around the word War so casually. War on this. War on that. War on people who vote differently than you. War on people who use their right to informed consent to make different choices than you. War on people who just want to feed and protect their families. War on Police. War on political opponents. It has diluted Remembrance of what War really means, the toll it takes. 

    Fellow West Point Grad Jarrin Jackson wrote this on his memories of having to clean up the charred flesh of Afghans that had melted into the road after IEDs hit: "Once saw a fuel truck ambushed by enemy. Burnt bodies melted to the ground. Flesh actually stuck to the road bc of the heat of the flames. Which Afghan government agency is funded to scrape melted bodies off the road? Oh. Right. That was the US Army Infantry." 

    I see a lot of social media Friends with a lot of First World problems who fail to understand what the fight for our Constitutional Freedoms has to do with The Gospel, The Church, or their incredibly free and coddled existence. Those who have served in countries where homosexuals are gang raped and then thrown to their deaths off tall buildings or where babies suffer 3rd Degree burns from being doused with scalding water for crying or where men rape women and children for sport have endured horrors you can't imagine so that a man dressed as a woman can opine about how oppressed he is. So that a man with a bun and short pants can whine that there is not enough foam on his soy latte or a woman pro athlete with more freedom and money than most any other on earth can kneel during our anthem and talk about how much she hates America. 

    I never deployed - my body was so torn up by peacetime Army service I was nondeployable and they sent me home instead of to war. But I took an oath to support and defend Our Constitution that never expired. I have served, and I wake up every day with a body that malfunctions constantly. Married to a Combat Vet who deployed many times, I know the cost every spouse of a Soldier or First Responder pays in their families. And that’s the ones who made it home. Remember those spouses who have spent many a night sleeping next to someone enduring the nightmares of bullets and bombs tearing apart those next to them in HD sound and picture. Who try to figure out how to help them when they are in the room but aren’t there.  Who wonder how to treat blood pressure higher than young men should ever have or breathing that will never be the same after those burn pits.  Who still send them out every day with a hug and a kiss, not knowing if they’ll make it home from their shift. Who face not only hostile armed enemies but a government that seeks to eradicate them if they live through the mortal peril of their jobs.  

    Can we all just stop for a second and Remember that freedom isn't free? And Remember everyone who has paid such a high cost for the freedoms America enjoys?  

    Please also Remember that our oath wasn't to America though. It is to Our Constitution. Defending it against its foreign and domestic enemies doesn't make us extremist enemies of the State. It makes us the kind of people like the Cops in Memphis who have endured unspeakable horrors trying to protect and serve just this week; you know, the ones leftist elitists with armed security want to defund.  Like the public school teachers who gear up each day to fight for our children in urban war zones. Like the judges and lawyers and cops trying to get violent criminals off the streets only to see proponents of "bail reform" cut them loose...like the Memphis shooter who just got out after serving 3 years for murder.  We are NOT the enemy. Far from it. 

    Do you know how many Veterans have to fight the VA and County Governments in prolonged battles just to get the benefits to which we are entitled? How many soldiers are being ordered to take experimental mRNA gene therapy or be court martialed like a criminal while actual criminals stroll free and unjabbed across our open border? Shout out to the CBP Officers fighting the good fight every day against cartels, coyotes, and human traffickers. And to all the Cops and Lawyers in Illinois trying to put criminals away only to be told that starting January 1, Murderers will be let out with no bail.

    Moms who defend their kids against child rapists and groomers, who refuse to muzzle their children and set back their learning decades, who want their kids to learn Math and English instead of having porn read to them by drag queens in furry rainbow costumes w prosthetic penises attached, who say no one should be talking to their small children about sex, let alone sodomy, are NOT domestic terrorists. They are parents in America, where they have the freedom to decide how to raise their children.  

    Please stop scrolling for a minute and think. Remember. And consider those who love The Constitution and America so much they are willing to lay down their lives for you even if you demonize them for it and try to defund their ability to feed the families that sacrifice so much so they can serve. We'll continue to fight for your freedom no matter what. But what if you actually appreciated and supported those fighting for you in the trenches?  Election Day is coming soon.  Push past the noise of those who want you to vote against The Constitution and pay attention to how America’s Government is systematically using its might to fight anyone who opposes it. Consider that The Constitution is what makes us different from those places we go fight in. Consider how big your problems will actually be if that Constitution falls.

    Instead of demonizing the Patriots fighting for you in a million different ways, please stand up alongside us in this fight. You may never have an arm or leg blown off by an IED in Iraq. But you can buy a Cop lunch. You can support that guy in the cubicle next to you who chose not to get an mRNA shot and has every right to. You can support that Mom who doesn’t want her 5-year old taught about sodomy and castration. You can support that person who chooses not to wear a mask because it’s illegal for anyone to refuse him access to anywhere in America. You can fight for a generation of children whose development has been set back 20 years. You can fight for that small business owner who had to shut down for years and is struggling to recover. You can stop for a minute and Remember that those problems you have that seem so huge are much smaller than others around this world face because of those holding the line for you every day. Those who seek to divide us can’t overcome a UNITED States of America. Those in the fight are tired and demoralized. Remember them Today and Every Day. 

    Alisha Houston

    Christ, Constitution, Capitalism

    Except theLordbuild the house, they labour in vain that build it: except theLordkeep the city, the watchman waketh but in vain. Psalm 127:1

    Alisha Houston is a 4th generation army veteran born in Alaska. After moving to Atlanta as a teen, Alisha went from Grady High to graduate on the dean's list from West Point as the Academy's 184th black female grad since 1802. Alisha served as a logistics officer both stateside and at NATO. Alisha is currently The Real Estate Rep and provides Concierge Residential Brokerage and sales Negotiation Services.



    Alisha Houston

    Alisha Houston is a 4th generation army veteran born in Alaska. After moving to Atlanta as a teen, Alisha went from Grady High to graduate on the dean's list from West Point as the Academy's 184th black female grad since 1802. Alisha served as a logistics officer both stateside and at NATO. Alisha is currently The Real Estate Rep and provides Concierge Residential Brokerage and sales Negotiation Services.

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    Mad Celt

    This was prophesied millenia ago. The wotld, of which the US is a part, will not get better due to an election or even a coup. It will wax worse and worse.


    Main thing to remember is that the victims were murdered by radical Moslems.

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