• MAJOR Complaint Filed With The GA State Board Of Elections - State And Possibly Federal Public Fraud Reportedly Uncovered In Dominion Acquisition

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    September 14, 2022
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    An explosive complaint was filed with Georgia State Board of Elections (SBOE) in Atlanta on Monday, September 12, 2022. It was handled by Kevin Moncla in Little Elm, TX and David Cross in Suwanee, GA. An immense amount of citizen bi-partisan investigative and research effort contributed to this product in defense of state and federal election laws.

    The evidence and implications related to the installment of the state-wide Dominion system and required federal certifications on electronic voting systems provides long-awaited insight into the deceptive state practices that have become evident to onlookers worldwide. It may even explain some of the deterrence citizens have experienced the past several years. In Georgia, and other states, Dominion systems may have been purchased under troubling legal conditions. The implications stretch back to multiple elections cycles and have likely contributed to the current culture of cheating and poor transparency in Georgia.


    We are submitting this official complaint regarding the circumstances surrounding the

    official certification of Georgia’s electronic voting system by the Elections Assistance

    Commission (hereinafter “EAC”). Our investigation has uncovered evidence which calls in

    to question, not only the validity of Georgia’s voting system certification, but the

    accreditation of the Voting System Testing Laboratory, and the credibility of the EAC itself.

    The report reveals key evidence that the Pro V & V electronic voting system inspection and testing company, which has been contracted by the Federal Election Assistance Commission (EAC), received its two-year accreditations in 2015. Its accreditation EXPIRED February 24, 2017, and was not renewed until after the January 2021 Georgia run-off. There is no public record that Pro V & V even requested re-accreditation in either 2017 or 2019 from the federal EAC. There is also speculation and possible evidence that Dominion has actually paid Pro V & V for their services, which creates another conflict of interest.

    Pro V & V is the company used by Georgia to supposedly ensure electronic voting system compliance with federal election laws. Dominion appears to have not been certified for the 2020 election. The system also appears to not have been certified pre-purchase, which is a requirement under Georgia law:

    The state shall furnish a uniform system of electronic ballot markers and ballot scanners for use in each county as soon as possible. Such equipment shall be certified by the United States Election Assistance Commission prior to purchase, lease, or acquisition. 

    GA Code 21-2-300(3)

    Major finding from the complaint:

    The EAC has failed to maintain oversight and accreditation of the Voting System Testing Labs as required by the Help America Vote Act (HAVA).

    The BOMBSHELLS continue:
    Efforts to conceal this fact have only magnified the damage, perpetuated a fraud upon the American people, and prevented correction or remedy. Specifically:

    1. Pro V&V’s EAC Voting System Testing Lab Accreditation expired
      in 2017.
    2. EAC officials have falsely misrepresented the accreditation status of
      Pro V&V and have gone to extraordinary lengths to conceal the fact
      that Pro V&V’s accreditation was expired for an extended period of
      A. Records and analysis strongly suggest that the EAC fabricated
      documents on behalf of Pro V&V then posted those documents
      on the EAC website. Seemingly this was done in an effort to
      make it appear as though the required documents had been timely
      B. Following the 2020 General Election, the EAC falsely claimed
      that the reason Pro V&V’s accreditation certificate(s) had not
      been issued was because of:
    3. Delays caused by COVID-19
    4. Administrative Error
    5. Accreditation wasn’t Revoked
    6. Georgia’s current voting system was not certified in accordance with
      the Help America Vote Act. The voting system Georgia purchased
      was not tested by an EAC accredited Voting System Testing Lab as
      required thereby rendering the EAC certification invalid based upon
      the established requirements.

    Allegations from report:

    Pro V&V performed the testing on Georgia’s Dominion Democracy Suite 5.5A(G) system
    and submitted the final report to the EAC on August 7, 2019. Because Pro V&V’s VSTL
    accreditation expired in February of 2017 (or February of 2019 if we accept the EAC’s
    flawed excuses) and system certification requires testing by an EAC accredited VSTL, the
    EAC certification of Georgia’s voting system is not valid.

    The report asserts that EAC failed to develop and maintain voting system testing guidelines, failed to oversee the accreditation of testing labs, and failed to test our country’s voting systems to a remotely reasonable standard. The report declares EAC has miserably failed to perform not only its core mission, but all missions for its entire existence.

    The actions of the EAC as detailed herein extend far beyond mere failure. The EAC allegedly
    fabricated a fraudulent record for Pro V&V and repeatedly, knowingly, and intentionally
    misrepresented the expired accreditation status of a Voting Systems Testing Laboratory to
    the American people. The EAC’s deceptive practices allegedly fostered a false sense of security
    and materially violated their responsibilities under the HAVA in both letter and spirit of the

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    The report alleges an inherit standard of any established institution or industry does not exist with voting
    systems in the United States. There is no benchmark, no independent method of testing, no
    oversight, and therefore there is no alternative but for the States to perform their own due
    diligence in testing our voting systems.

    The complaint demands the Georgia State Election Board must immediately suspend use of the
    Dominion voting systems until a thorough, review by a panel of independent experts can be

    Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger was copied in this report. He signed the contract in 2019, alongside Mr. Gabriel Sterling, who is charge of the Professional Licensing Division of his illustrious office.

    Contract attached below:



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    Dale parker

    You have been a terrible secretary of state for Georgia and I like many others that I know never voted for you and never will vote for you you are crooked and if I was you I would resign immediately and a new vote should be done on paper ballots

    Katie Allen

    It is amazing what dedicated citizens can accomplish! This is an excellent product. I am praying that a judge will use this information to require paper ballots due to all of the laws these machines violate.




    Physically remove the corrupt communist democrats from our city, state and federal government before it’s too late.
    It’s our Constitutional right and most important our Duty.

    Karen Mcsweeney

    Maybe GA republicans should strategize and not vote for Raffensperger on NOV. 8th...write in Jody Hice. Break up Kemps "good ole boy" club!
    Even if the Dem challenger wins ...Raffensperger is out!

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