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    September 29, 2022
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    Guest post by Bill Quinn

    [ATLANTA, GA] Yesterday during a meeting of the Georgia State Board of Elections, the Chairman, William Duffey, was presented with a letter demanding production of documents showing that Mr. Matthew Mashburn and Mr. Edward Lindsey have executed the various Oaths of Office required by Georgia law, or that they be dismissed from serving on the Board of Elections.

    The demand resulted from the inability of the Governor’s office and the Secretary of State’s office to produce executed copies of the Oaths for these individuals, as required for service on the Board.

    Beginning on August 23, 2022, requests seeking copies of these Oaths were sent to the Board of Elections staff, the Secretary of State’s Office and Governor Brian Kemp’s offices. On two occasions Oaths were produced for Ms. Sara Ghazal, Dr. Janice Johnston and Mr. William Duffey – Chairman of the Board of Elections. None of the responses included the Oaths for Mr. Mashburn nor Mr. Lindsey and both the Secretary of State’s Office and the Governor’s Office suggested contacting the other office.

    Title 45 of Georgia State law requires that those serving as public officials complete Oaths swearing, among other things, to abide by the Constitution of Georgia and abide by Georgia law.

    “It’s concerning that neither the Secretary of State’s office – to which the Board of Elections reports - nor the Governor’s Office - which is charged with maintaining the Oaths of those whose duties span multiple Counties, was able to produce these Oaths.” Said William Quinn who requested the Oath documents in August, “We heard the Board and their guests during today’s session speak about their confidence in the many election processes in Georgia, yet they can’t find 2 out of 5 sets of documents for the Board itself.”

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