• NO BOND For Rivian In Georgia - Judge And Citizens Halt Project

    By Staff
    September 30, 2022

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    Through the combined efforts of an organization of local citizens based in Morgan, Newton, Jasper, and Walton counties, Georgia citizens have halted the plans of the Rivian Corporation, which has direct ties to China. Its financiers are currently facing securities fraud litgation.

    Though Governor Kemp and his associates with the regional Joint Development Authorities (JDAs) wanted citizens to believe the Rivian deal was sealed and have been telling property owners the state has "taken over the project," citizens found it to be a bullying and distraction strategy. JDA proponents even went so far as to threaten eminent domain.

    In breaking news, Morgan County Superior Court Judge Brenda Trammell issued a major 34-page ruling on Wednesday that has denied $15 billion in bonds for Rivian to finance the raising of its 16 million-square-foot plant on its 2,000 acre site in Stanton Springs North.

    Much of the basis of her ruling was related to property tax exemptions and invalid rental agreements between the three parties - Rivian, the State of Georgia and the JDA. Citizens also presented arguments regarding the long-term financial viability of the plant, and concerns regarding Rivian's request for 4.7 million gallons of water per day.

    Based on this ruling, citizens across the state of Georgia and Rivian investors nationwide are being reawakened to a vital need to understand the HOME RULE provisions of their state constitutions and the need to fend off government officials and questionable associates. For example: citizens can insist on lawful resolutions and required referendums regarding increases in taxes and tax abatement, and whether they want to give their hard-earned money to the likes of China and Georgia Soros, both of whom were welcomed into Morgan and Walton counties by Governor Kemp.

    At this time, all citizens can emulate the example of North Georgians by eagerly reading and studying Article IX of the Georgia Constitution. Every man and woman can become watchmen on their own walls, starting with requiring their county governing authorities to remit documentary evidence that they are following the Georgia Constitution on matters related to all types of local development.

    As of today, people who have invested in the Rivian initial public offering (IPO) have lost nearly 60% of their money. The IPO priced at $78 per share, yet now trades at $32.87. Rivian's net income dropped $1.71 billion in the second quarter of 2022. Rivian planned to raise the price of their vehicles by 20% after the IPO, and experienced a backlash.

    The following article is an excellent overview of this breaking news from North Georgia from Morgan County Citizen News: The article describing much of the detail regarding Morgan County Judge Brenda Trammell's 34-page decision on Wednesday.

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    Thank you citizens for standing up to foreign corporate greed. Georgia’s water is not for sale, especially to China.


    It is the peoples country let freedom ring. Congratulations to protecting the USA!!!!!!!

    Robert Powell

    The implicit power of the people shines once again. Now, on to the Carbon Pipeline disaster being forced on the middle of America. The totally "political concept" via AG21, and the Trump would not sign 2030, comes the Pipeline - unnecessary, hiding another evil. The eventual "Wildlands Project" removing Humanity and framing, ranching as well as historical use.
    The CO2, needed for vegetative life, is not the issue on it's own. Pressurized to a high degree, the CO2 is odorless, and lacks the mixture to sustain life. Iowa, is the Hub of this monstrosity crossing several States. This is an all Humanity evil being perpatrated for the money including some from the Biden "Deficit Reduction" bill.
    Good County Supervisors are trying to negotiate with a pre-planned process. This like other "environmental" panic issues, is now including Funding from Korea, and the benefactors are not Constitutionally concerned. To see the obvious, simply type in Map of Carbon Pipelines in the US. Find Carbon Only maps, note the "Heartland" is basically being bi-sected. This coincides with the "Rewilding Project" by the UN.
    This unnecessary evil is all about the money not the people, or WE the people. The outside forces, UN, WEF, WHO, UNESCO, and worst Sierra Club, who while fighting the pipeline, wantes to lose, so the middle of the Country is stripped of human activity. This issue turns the United States into a third world country. The Sustainaibiilyt movement, was coined because the Senate would not sign a treaty on this. The beloved "Clinton Climate Initiative" is neck deep in selling this evil as a good. This is straight up Socio-Communism. ONE cannot negotiate with evil against the good. The Chinese Rivian Plant in Georgia, just got shut down, 17 million sq feet of land. Do not trust your elected. many States are
    in bed with the money, or are just unaware of the prior planning since the "Brundtland Report" in the 80's, and the Bio-sphere Heritage land grab of the 70's. WE are the only country with the FOunding Documents to protect the citizen, over the State. WE go down, the young are unaware the Global community has no protection from the world of depopulation, and misery. Socio-Communism is evil sold as a good.


    OK Gergians you did it now get to the 2020 election fraud too kick out Raffensperger and Kemp, ya we know they got re elected but was it a theft?


    OK Georgian's you did it, now get to the 2020 election fraud too! kick out Raffensperger and Kemp, ya we know they got re elected but was it a theft?


    OK Georgian's you did it, now get to the 2020 election fraud too! kick out Raffensperger and Kemp, ya we know they got reelected but was it by a theft?


    Too bad there's not a republican alternative to Kemp.I would love to see him looking for another job but the alternative right now is 20 times worse.

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