• BREAKING: The State Of Georgia And Fulton County Notch Up Election Crime With Illegitimate Review Board

    By Staff
    November 4, 2022

    At this time, Carter Center International Election Observers With Deep Communist Ties Have Gained 60 Days Of Full Access To Fulton County Midterms, as described in Saturday’s investigative piece.

    In response, Wednesday morning, citizens from Fulton and surrounding areas delivered a barrage of public commentary and served the County Commission of Fulton notice of open evidence of illegal activities being conducted by Fulton County, in collusion with Secretary of State Raffensperger, his General Counsel Ryan Germany, the State Board of Elections, the Carter Center, and likely more government officials. 


    They served a Notice & Demand letter, written with a statewide research effort, and including numerous violations of the GA Constitution, state and likely federal law, impacting the entire state. They believe the crime could bleed to other counties if Fulton officials do not uphold their oath & corresponding duties. 

    During the public commentary, Commissioners were scurrying about like they never have, leaving the room during commentary to likely make phone calls. Extra security was called in, but, alas, the citizens were merely clapping, which Commissioner Liz Haussmann reminded the board was not in violation of any rules of orderly meeting conduct.

    Of highlighted concern, The Carter Center international observers, who claim to be nonpartisan election observers, have given their pledge to the United Nations principles, and not to any government agency in the United States. They are not even ‘poll watchers’ as defined by Georgia law, according to Cathy Woolard, Chairman of the Fulton County Board of Registration and Elections in pre-vote discussion at the 10/13/22 board meeting. It appears that state officials created their own self-interested section of Georgia law to provide this corporation access.

    Additionally, none of these ‘impartial’ and ‘non-partisan’ observers are considered Republican, according to a voting record search. They are all hard democrats, swing, and non-voters ultimately beholden to the needs of Gates and Soros, major financiers of The Carter Center. The corporation also spends millions to monitor conservative ‘digital threats’ in election arenas worldwide, according to an extensive 2020 report released by TCC.

    One of the most shocking bombshells was that Fulton County has given an ILLEGITIMATE State Board of Elections Performance Review Board (PRB) access to the county since its inception in August 2021. County staff and employees have been under the scrutiny of a body that is in violation of state law. This was discovered while reviewing GA Code § 21-2-107, which reads, “The State Election Board shall appoint three competent persons to serve as members of the performance review board, one of whom shall be an employee of the elections division of the office of Secretary of State and two of whom shall be local election officials…”

    Official SOS Personnel Org Chart From August 2022

    In what appears to be a clear breach of law, Secretary Raffensperger, in coordination with the State Election Board and likely others, made Ryan Germany his representative to the PRB. Germany does not fit the bill - he is General Counsel to Secretary Raffensperger with quite a notorious history. On the official personnel matrix, his status resides officially within the ‘front office’ and ‘administrative’ level as a ‘direct report’ of the Secretary. Germany is not an employee of the state elections division, which indicates a legal problem. This illuminates concerns regarding the manner in which election evidence, reports, testimony, and actual election data has been handled since the formation of the review board in August of 2021.

    Citizens asserted “The Carter Center has been allowed to access our most sacred election property, one of the most sensitive democratic aspects of our government system. This access has been neither transparent nor legal, and the county has put its election property in jeopardy by allowing this reckless behavior. This is an example of an act you are committing with your public power without our consent, out of alignment with the laws of Georgia. You are not protecting us from violations of the law.”

    The Notice & Demand Letter citizens delivered to Fulton county commissioners and elections officials begins as follows:

    To: Members of the Fulton County Board of Commissioners, Members of the Fulton County Board of Registration and Elections, and the Fulton County Elections Director 

    This notice serves to inform you that we have reviewed the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) Between the State Election Board’s Performance Review Board (PRB), the Fulton County Board of Registration and Elections, and The Carter Center (TCC), and have numerous legal concerns with your oversight of this official act that gained a 4 to 1 vote of your BOER on 10/13/22. As citizens, we present these concerns to you as grievances involving our county, state, and federal voting interest. We assert our full standing as community stakeholders in correcting any injuries alongside our fellow citizens pursuant to the recent Henry County and SCV v. Newton County ruling of the Georgia Supreme Court on 10/25/22.

    As a reminder of four fundamental truths related to your role as local governing authorities: 

        1) Your just powers only arise from our consent. We consider anything less to be a direct civil or criminal affront to our rights under the law.

        2) We, as citizens, are always an additional party to any government act, and you should expect our petitions for grievances that cause us harm, so that you may have the chance to correct and repair any damage before further legal action is pursued. 

        3) As county public officials with a sworn oath, you may not tacitly approve or oversee acts in Fulton County that are inconsistent with the U.S. Constitution, the Georgia State Constitution, nor the laws of Georgia, and 

        4) Ignorance of the law does not excuse you from liability in the State of Georgia.

    The letter concludes:

    Finally, if your Commission is considering granting ultimate deference to the authority of state election officials to deflect your duty under the law, we remind you that in a recent federal court decision, Pearson v. Kemp, 2020, Secretary Raffensperger’s counsel argued, “the Secretary of State has no lawful authority over county election officials” citing Jacobson v. Florida Secretary of State (11th Cir. 2020). This is consistent with Article IX, County Home Rule provisions of the GA Constitution, requiring your commission to correct its own actions and that of the Board of Registration and Elections when it violates the U.S. Constitution, the Georgia Constitution, or Georgia law. Citizens deem it appropriate that you immediately correct these violations upon the people of Fulton County, and, by your capitol leader position, the State of Georgia.

    We hereby request that you immediately terminate the MOU and withdraw The Carter Center from the Fulton County election property at the soonest possible time, but no later than close of business on Friday, November 4. If you do not comply with our asserted, lawful request, we reserve the right to pursue any and all available legal and equitable remedies. As of the reading of this letter, your public official bond company has been notified of these multiple violations of your duty, along with the clear and present risk to our county. 

    Public Official Recipients of the Notice and Demand Letter:

    Fulton County Board of Commissioners (7):
    Chairman Robb Pitts
    Liz Hausmann
    Bob Ellis
    Lee Morris
    Natalie Hall
    Marvin S. Arrington Jr.
    Khadijah Abdur-Rahman

    Fulton County Board of Registration and Elections Members (5):
    Chairman Cathy Woolard
    Teresa Crawford
    Aaron Johnson
    Mark Wingate
    Kathleen Ruth

    Fulton County Interim Elections Director: Nadine Williams

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    James Kress

    Even with biden's "most advanced system for cheating" in place, the Left is still trying to find other ways to cheat.

    Tom Welsh

    If Fulton County has to outsource any observance then maybe the entire system and every county board of election employees need to be fired right now for incompetence.


    Election fraud should be a felony, with a ten year minimum sentence without parole. I doubt there would be many arrests for this crime if the criminals knew of the penalties.

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