• Second Video From Project Veritas Shows Dr. Quintin Bostic Referring to Teaching Labs as a"Scam Lab"

    January 19, 2023
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    Is Gates Foundation money being funneled into Teaching Labs?

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    Adding to Dr. Bostic’s admission of selling CRT curriculum materials to Georgia schools,  Project Veritas yesterday released a second video further exposing Teaching Lab’s questionable activities, objectives and practices.

    Dr. Quintin Bostic, who works for Teaching Labs as a Content Manager, revealed he struggles with his organization’s business practices. He even referred to it as a “scam lab.”

    Watch the latest video here:

    Project Veritas

    Dr. Bostic also told the Veritas journalist about a conversation he had with Teaching Lab’s CEO.

    “I said, ‘So, hypothetically these people [Gates Foundation] are funding you to build a program. Once the grant is over, you take the program, and you sell it to people – for money,’” Dr. Bostic said.

    “I was like, ‘Is that legal?’ She [Teaching Lab CEO Sarah Johnson] was like, ‘It has nothing to do with me.’ She said, ‘The grant ended, we fulfilled the grant.’ And I’m like, ‘But we’re selling a product of the grant,’” he said.

    “She’s like, ‘It’s not my problem.’ And I’m like, ‘Wow.’ She’s like, ‘It’s non-profit work. People do it all the time.’ I’m like, ‘Sarah, is that legal?’”

    Two days ago video was released in which Bostic admitted to selling CRT materials to Cobb and Fulton school districts in Georgia. Georgia law prohibits CRT within the State.

    A call to the office of Fulton County Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Mike Looney went uunreturned.

    A call to the office of Cobb County Superintendent, Chris Ragsdale, resulted in an email from Cobb Schools Media Relations stating: "The Cobb County School District has no record of purchasing any service or product from Teaching Lab or Quintin Bostic. We remain focused on teaching all Cobb County students the state-approved curriculum. CRT is prohibited by the state and is not part of Cobb’s approved curriculum.”

    A forthcoming third segment from Project Veritas is expected to show direct discussion between their CEO, James O'Keefe and Bostic. O'Keefe describes it as, "...probably one of the most fascinating and unique encounters in Project Veritas history."

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