• Citizen Raises Questions Regarding Local Company and Their Potential Role In Pending Legislation

    By Staff
    March 20, 2023

    A citizen investigator, Hank Sullivan, raises questions about how a company named Talitrix, which may be tied to some Georgia State and Local officials, and could be positioned to benefit from the now-infamous HB 520 Bill.

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    Mr. Sullivan has posted the following on substack. The Georgia Record can not yet corroborate all the findings but is currently pursuing independent investigation.


    After receiving information on Mr. Sullivan's publication, The Georgia Record began a second line of inquiry. In the last few hours we have acquired Personal Financial Disclosures for Rep. Carter Barrett and State Senator Greg Dolezal, both of which indicate investments in Talitrix LLC.

    In a call from a Georgia Record contributor to Rep. Barrett to ask if he was an investor in Talitrix, The Georgia Record was told by Mr. Barrett that he was entering a meeting and to call Talitrix.

    Additionally, The Georgia Record has acquired information on patents listing Robert Todd Jones (Georgia State Representative Todd Jones) as the inventor of certain "electronic monitoring" technologies. At least one of these patents lists Robert Todd Jones as the inventor and Talitrix Holdings, LLC as the patent Assignee. It is of note that HB 520 contains provisions which prescribe "monitoring" of certain individuals engaged under the Bill

    Taken separately, these findings are simply information. and certainly no allegations of wrongdoing are made herein. Taken together they seem to pose questions requiring more research.

    At time of publication, The Georgia Record continues our investigation and will report additional findings as they are confirmed.

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    Michele Sarkisian

    Thank you. While people are certainly allowed to invest in whatever they want, My concern is putting pre-mature remedies in a far reaching bill that has not yet even defined the issues and problems being addressed. One solution already included in the bill is Monitoring! Of course, the public is concerned. Additionally, they have not defined "serious mental illness" which would identify who would be monitored! There are plenty of other reasons to table HB 520 including several Other tax payer funded, government overreach remedies from student loan payment to subsidized housing to immunity from liability for treatments to anonymous affidavits from 2 people to detain another person (frightening!) and more. IF this is targeted to "familiar faces" (as noted by sponsors), let's get clear eyed about what's to be addressed rather than burdening taxpayers with more government overreach for yet to be defined issues.

    Lesley Ward

    Isnt this typical of the corrupt politicians both State and Federal! They get given $1000 worth of shares, with the knowledge that they support the pushing of bills that will benefit this company. The Bill is approved, the company starts raking in the money and "woopee" the shares value increases and the politicians investment has increased. Nancy Pelosi set the pattern and it is foolishly allowed to flourish.

    Standing Firm

    A simple check with Secretary of state show 4 companies for Talitrex all at same address with Todd Jones named on one and Justin Hawkins on the other three.


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