• Looks Like A Last-Minute Shell Game Being Played Under The Gold Dome...

    By Staff
    March 29, 2023

    Lawmakers seem to be moving Bills within other Bills, language from one Bill to another, and most out of sight of the public until citizens "discover" the new added provisions, or spot changed language. Is any of it in the peoples interest?

    Photo: wiki commons a shell game

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    Many citizens investigators are at Georgia Capitol building today, the last day of the legislative session, known as "Sine Die."

    Yesterday, some asute eyes spotted changes appearing in certain bills and some changes were shocking.

    One example if SB 145, sponsored by Sen. Shawn Still, which began as a short 3-page Bill dealing with lawn "leaf blowers", then suddenly included 36 pages dealing with New Government Entities, "deannexing" of properties, and requirements including "Energy Efficiency". "Water Efficiency", "Renewable Energy" and "Resiliency." Clearly not simple requirements nor simple legislation when it takes nearly forth pages to cover the subjects.

    The Bill can be downloaded HERE.

    The changes led many to call the Bill the beginnings of Georgia's "Green New Deal." More importantly where did these changes come from in the last 48 hours of a legislative session and why were they well known and openly discussed in a setting designed to represent the will and needs of the People of Georgia?

    Given this shell-game dynamic, where does the infamous "mental health bill " HB 520 stand? We hope that reason will cause it to be tabled until a time when the actuals needs can be considered carefully and transparently. For today we and many others will watch carefully........

    The vigilence and investigations continue today with the work of hundreds of honest citizens asking difficult, but vital, questions about the process.

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    Michele Sarkisian

    Looks like ESG is a Georgia leadership THING, as it is for DC, Silicon Valley and Wall Street elites. Not so much in the parts of the world that own more and more of America, are building coal plants every week and have moved away from the dollar.....but, hey, pay attention to what's REALLY profitable....I mean important....to our leaders. Let's just regulate away "doing our fair share for the greater good of the world".

    Frank Nadspal

    I'm surprised that G the Ga. legislature doesn't do what the NYS Assembly does. They stop the Clock before 12 o'clock and continue with their business.

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