• Are Delegates Getting Full Transparency From Their GOP Candidates?

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    June 4, 2023
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    A recent political email update calls out some questions about at least one of the candidates for GOP Chair of Georgia.

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    Earlier in the week, The Georgia Record was given a copy of an e-mail document entitled “Political Vine,” published by a local Cobb County resident.

    The document contains a number of observations, and some opinions, about various political activities and players actions over the past number of months. It also purports to include data regarding one of the GOP chair candidates, Josh McKoon and his wife Jacqueline McKoon.

    The Georgia Record undertook our own research in an attempt to confirm the authenticity of the information presented in the "Vine" document.

    The “Political Vine” document claims that Ms McKoon is president of a firm known as Constituent Connect LLC, which acts as a political consultant. The Georgia Secretary of State Business Registration website confirms the existence of Constituent Connect LLC with Jacqueline Byrd listed as organizer and authorized signatory. The registered agent is listed as Garland T. Byrd Jr.

    Ms McKoon's facebook page also openly associates her with the company and confirms her name:

    The document further claims the Constituent Connect LLC has received revenue from Stacy Abrams, one of her associated organizations, Georgia Next, Inc. and several Democratic candidates.

    A review of the Georgia Government Transparency and Campaign Finance Commission reporting site shows payments from Friends of Stacy Y. Abrams and Georgia Next, Inc. to Constituent Connect LLC.

    You may access the report directly from the ethics site


    The "Vine" document also claims payments were received by Constituent Connect on behalf of David Shafer, Burt Jones and the Georgia Republican Party. These sums can be found on the above report as well.

    While Mr. McKoon's campaign website speaks about Ms McKoon (Byrd,) It doesn't list her company nor seem to identify her work with multiple parties.

    To be clear, while these facts may be new to some, nothing herein infers any act of malfeasance.

    That having been said, if one is running for office and a member of one’s family may be associated with the “business” of politics, and if that business occasionally operates in service to those of other parties, many would say common sense and a willingness for transparency would likely compel a candidate to openly disclose and discuss such facts with the constituents prior to an election so that delegates can may an informed choice.

    Would Ms. McKoon (Byrd’s) business benefit if Mr. McKoon were elected GOP Chair? We don’t know.

    Any benefit Ms. McKoon’s (Byrd’s) business might have as a result of her husbands election would be speculation at this point, but would likely be fair game for delegates to inquire about, since proximity to higher ranking officials could reasonably be expected to broaden one’s contacts and thereby result in business opportunities.

    The Georgia Record encourages all candidates (and delegates) to have open, fair and transparent conversations about their positions and concerns as we approach the GOP Convention in Columbus.

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