• IMPORTANT: Senator Ron Johnson On The Plandemic "This Was All Pre-panned By An Elite Group of People..."

    August 22, 2023

    "We're up against a very powerful group of people."

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    During the segment between Maria Bartiromo and Sen. Ron Johnson, Maria asks, "why couldn't the American people know there were other alternatives to treat covid?..."

    General Mike Flynn then posted the following tweet on Aug 18

    "America is in grave danger and @SenRonJohnson is the only member in all of Congress that is sounding the alarm bells. He is right to sound the alarm and he’s right about who the enemies are."

    Senator Johnson openly calls out the "elites" for planning including "Event 201" which occurred in late 2019 just before covid was announced....

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    William Quinn

    Bill spent 25+ years managing businesses in the Information and Technology sector. His career includes positions with Philips Electronics, CompuCom, AT&T and IBM. Since 2019 he has been investigating and researching business, health and political issues in order to make truthful information available to the American people.

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    Tracy Fyler

    1st to comment ? No Problem see solution BRIGHTEON TV Mike Adams see the 21 minute video seen by OVER 4 BILLION People !!!! by a man speaking to European parliament . Entire Speech every fact is backed up with documentation for verification this man Michael I think his first name is warned same parliament almost a decade ago concerning this event

    Tracy Fyler

    It was Eisenhower in his farewell address BEWARE OF IMC Industrial Military Complex that proved my suspicions later to understand 1945 Operation Paperclip 1600+ Germany Scientist, Propagandist+ Pharmacist became CIA ,worked with NASA ,AMA 1st om Agenda Forced fluoridation of All US cities water just like death camps to Dumb down Jews to experiment on them read back of toothpaste!

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