America First Sweeps Fulton County GOP Convention Elections

March 11, 2023

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America First candidates swept the Fulton County GOP convention elections today in Atlanta.

Stephanie Endres won the office of the Chairman of the Fulton County Republican Party. Matthew Rowenczak won First Vice Chairman.

None of the GOP Nominating Committee selections by prior party leadership won at the convention.

Fulton County’s GOP convention today resulted in the full slate of change agents WINNING! (Each name with the flag below won)

Stephanie Endres gave a speech that mobilized the crowd with her laser focus on getting results. She provided clear direction for the future which she claimed begins immediately.

Matt Rowenczak was also powerful and his track record of working on others’ successful campaigns as well as his command of what’s needed in the GOP struck a chord. Every winner today won handily without a runoff required.

The convention took the entire day. Patience was certainly required but the hand count of paper ballots left no doubt about accurate results.

It was a markedly different convention from just 2 years ago and the crowd erupted in celebration when the results were read.

We expect great things from our new GOP leadership! Chair: Stephanie Endres !st VC: Matt Rowenczak, VCs: Zach Hines, Jeff Howe, Caroline Jeffords, Teresa Rhodes, Earl Ferguson, Karen Dubin, Treasurer: Jill Trammell-Cusick,  Asst Treasurer: Christine Bruno, Secretary: Dr Sam Brown, Asst Secretary: Maureen Giannone.

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2 comments on “America First Sweeps Fulton County GOP Convention Elections”

  1. Best possible outcome for Fulton County. It’s rippling across the state, as well. Grassroots matters.

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