As Massive GOP Red Wave Builds, Johns Creek State Representative Becomes Latest Incumbent Democrat To Drop Out Of 2022 Race

November 20, 2021
GA State Rep Angelika Kausche (right)
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GA State Rep Angelika Kausche is the latest politician in a trend nation-wide to not seek re-election. From Nancy Pelosi to city council races, the building GOP red wave is massive for 2022 and will follow the results of the recent off-year elections in VA and other states where Republicans won big.

Kausche represents the North Atlanta community of Johns Creek, one of the most wealthy areas of the country and a target of the political Left to turn blue.

In recent 'non-partisan' City Council and Mayoral elections, all of the leftist candidates lost to the conservative choice.

Dear friends: 

After careful consideration and several long discussions with loved ones, I have decided not to run for re-election in 2022.  It has been - and still is - an incredible privilege to serve the people of Johns Creek. I am honored by the trust you put into me and thankful for the opportunity to serve as your state representative.  When I began this journey in 2018, no one could have foreseen the unprecedented challenges the COVID-19 pandemic would bring upon us. The added difficulty of the pandemic, as well as the rigorous demands of the Capitol, made this an incredibly rewarding and humbling experience. As one of the few immigrants at the Capitol, I am very proud to have helped elevate the diverse voices of our community and hope my story serves as an inspiration for a new generation of candidates in Johns Creek to step forward and find their voice in Georgia politics. I will continue to serve the people of Johns Creek to the best of my abilities through the end of my term. Important legislative issues like improving Georgia’s public education system, providing better access to affordable healthcare, especially access to mental health care and substance abuse services, and protecting Georgia’s precious environmental resources will be at the top of my list for the upcoming 2022 legislative session. I am sure to leave the Capitol proud of what my fellow representatives and I accomplished and thankful for the time I was given to make a difference for Johns Creek and Georgia.  Although my time at the Capitol will be coming to a close by the end of 2022, I look forward to finding many new ways to support our wonderful community.  I wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving, alongside health and happiness this Holiday season. 

Yours in service

Representative Angelika Kausche
Georgia's 50th House District, Proudly Serving Johns Creek

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2 comments on “As Massive GOP Red Wave Builds, Johns Creek State Representative Becomes Latest Incumbent Democrat To Drop Out Of 2022 Race”

  1. There is no red wave while Democrat election theft is uncorrected. I was shocked that they didn't steal Virginia...until I read about Youngkin's latest antics. He's basically a Democrat.