Brad Raffensperger Can't Stop Lying

July 6, 2021
Screenshot Fox Business

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Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger appeared on Fox Business this morning to continue lying about his alleged attempts to ensure a fair election during the 2020 election cycle in the Peach State.

Raffensperger apparently wants the Georgia public to believe he has been fighting for election integrity since he took office.

His recent comments appear to be related to efforts to defend the new law passed by the Georgia legislature which fixed some voting fraud in GA, but left much to be desired. The U.S. Department of Justice wants to fight the new law on civil rights grounds.

Raffensperger noted he has a "group of lawyers in conference last week and will get back with judge. We have a strong case...We have been fighting this since the day I took office. We had 15 lawsuits and now 8 with SB202."

But then came the this is rich… "I was the first to outlaw ballot harvesting."…..really? Did Raffy forget about the massive election fraud committed via drop boxes in GA where over 300k ballots still do not have the required chain of custody documentation?

Then he moved onto the machines.

He noted GA has "new machines with verifiable paper ballot so we do a 100% audit and recount to verify who you voted for and now photo ID." has been fighting these machines in court for years because they do not provide a verifiable ballot. They provide a QR code, which can be altered.

Brad knows this. Brad thinks you're stupid.

Brad wants to get re-elected and can't stop lying.

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3 comments on “Brad Raffensperger Can't Stop Lying”

  1. this guy is a real rino pos - lied to solomon last week and now to this guy, These interviewers are also lazy and do not even ask pertinent questions.

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