• A Discussion With Mark Roundtree Of Landmark Communications

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    July 24, 2021
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    Mark Roundtree
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    Last week The Georgia Record released two articles on Mark Roundtree's political consulting firm - Landmark Communications, regarding operations in Johns Creek, GA. Yesterday, we were finally able to speak with Mr. Roundtree at length regarding the stories. He was open, responsive and answered all our questions.

    We stand by our reporting but did issue an update on the second article after speaking to Mr. Roundtree, regarding Brian Weaver's campaign for mayor of Johns Creek. You can see that update here, and it is printed below.

    UPDATE: We finally spoke at length today with Mark Roundtree of Landmark Communications. We left a message at his office last week (we confirmed our call records). There is no contact email address on the Landmark website. Roundtree declared he did not received the message. He informed us he is NOT currently running Brian Weaver’s mayoral campaign in Johns Creek that just started, although he did run prior city council races for Weaver, as we reported below. He told us the large payments received from Weaver during the city council races were not for prepayments, but for old debts.

    We promised Mr. Roundtree we would get his point of view out to the public in a fair manner, and we are doing that here. There are several points he wanted to make.

    1. Mr. Roundtree declared he has never ran a Democrat client against a Republican candidate in a partisan election. He mentioned he has run candidates in 'non-partisan' elections which possibly were not conservative.
    2. Mr. Roundtree declared he only does campaigns, not procurement or lobbying, at all, due to perceived conflict of interest.
    3. Mr. Roundtree declared he is one of the most anti-Brad Raffensperger people in Georgia and would like to see him replaced as GA Secretary of State. He told us he quit working for Raffensperger after his bizarre behavior post Nov 3rd. Mr. Roundtree declared he is pro-Trump, and added Trump has previously tweeted about Landmark's polling in a positive light.

    Mr. Roundtree also stated he never saw any evidence of Chinese Communist Party influence in Johns Creek, GA. Here is where we beg to differ, because this influence and active measures definitely exist.

    Here is an article we previously wrote outlining a threat the Johns Creek Post received several years ago, which was traced back to an IP address literally in Tiananmen Square in Beijing, China.

    Mr. Roundtree stated Jordan Fuchs, along with others in the GA Secretary of State office, have been a 'disaster for Georgia'. He was especially concerned with bad signature match absentee ballots now being 'baked into the GA election cake' for future elections.

    The Georgia Record will continue to tell the truth about what is going on in Johns Creek, regarding 'progressive's being advertised as conservatives' in city and state elections, and CCP influence in GA politics, no matter where that truth lands.

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