• AJC's Bluestein Promotes Kemp's Globalist Narrative

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    July 12, 2023
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    The Atlanta Journal Constitution's Greg Bluestein has long been a mouthpiece for the globalist narrative in Georgia, many times helping the 'extra-Georgia' agenda of Governor Brian Kemp.

    Bluestein's recent article, Kemp’s ‘leadership committee’ remains powerful political tool, is a perfect example.

    Here Bluestein attempts to normalize Kemp's efforts to destabilize the Georgia Republican Party by shifting funding to his own organization, for whatever nefarious ends Kemp has in mind for Georgia citizens and the nation.

    Kemp’s leadership committee has quickly morphed into a parallel fundraising and voter turnout structure that has filled a void left by the Georgia GOP, a once-powerful organization that helped marshal a flood of spending in competitive races, writes Bluestein.

    And the governor has told high-dollar donors that the 2022 midterm was a sign “we can no longer rely on the traditional party infrastructure to win in the future” while urging them to consider his political network as an alternative.

    The Georgia Record has focused attention on the 'Georgia Republican Coalitions' that are popping up in scores of counties across the state, as they attempt to gut the GOP apparatus at the local level.

    The uniparty exists...and it's been exposed in Georgia as grassroots activists have taken over the reigns of the GOP to force it to work for Georgians, and not Kemp's tyrannical friends in Davos and Beijing.

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    Brian Kemp is a tyrant

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