Chatham County Republican Dissidents Appeal Illicit Party Actions To GOP District Committee

October 29, 2021
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GOP dissidents in Chatham County have filed an appeal to the GOP First District Committee over governance-violating and possibly illegal behavior by party officials. The GOP has failed to provide voter lists to all organized precincts, failed to provide organizational member lists, and have installed unelected individuals into positions requiring an election. Activity by the GOP seems to be an attempt to prevent a desired change in party leadership. There have been unjust and unknowledgeable State Executive Committee decisions in regards to Chatham county that seem to be solely bent on power and control. These activities are against the interest of the Republican party and the Republic itself.

You can read the Oct 28 notice and appeal below:

October 28, 2021

First District and Georgia State GOP:

Nearly 70 days have elapsed since over 25 members of the Chatham County GOP Committee filed an appeal to the conduct of the county committee meeting held on July 22, 2021. Officially, the appeal was filed on August 20, 2021 per member rights detailed in the State Rules of the Georgia Republican Party, Inc.

As of today, the First District GA GOP organization, led by Chairman Clint Day, has failed in its duty to follow State Rule 8.8b, which requires the District Committee be recalled to handle an appeal: Said appeal shall be heard by (a) District Committee if the County is located entirely within the district. The District Committee should then vote on the matter. 


At this time, the First District has provided the THIRTY TWO appellants no notice of any District Committee meeting with their matter on the agenda, and there has been no direct written communication from the Chairman regarding any course of action to the representatives of the injured Chatham Assembly at all since Chatham filed the appeal on August 20, 2021, not even a written confirmation of receipt to the filers of the appeal. There is one non-voting member of the District Executive Committee who has indicated they are ‘very concerned with the matter’ and ‘will do something.’

The Chatham County Committee Assembly is representative of 53,000 Republican voters in Chatham County, and so the District action on this must be in accordance with Republican principles and GA GOP governance. It must also be prompt to support the proper organization of all GOP units in the state of Georgia for election purposes. Any failure to act is against the interest of the Republican Party and denies a decision from an excellent broad base of First District Republicans who are capable and due to execute a simple hearing and decision process regarding this appeal. 

We ask that you convene the First District Committee to handle this matter at the soonest possible date, but no later than Nov 12th (provide notice by Nov. 2nd for a physical meeting).

We also ask that you release the member list of the First District Committee, with contact information, including all members, but especially those outlined in District Rule Article II. C, F, I, to the Chatham appellants no later than Nov 4, 2021, which is five days proper notice. Also, provide a list of the names and business or home address of the current First District Committee officers per the codified laws of Title 14. You may deliver the reports by electronic mail to [email protected] or arrange a pick-up of physical copies, if absolutely needed. These are lawful demands in accordance with the requirements of Georgia Code (2020) § 14-3-1602 and 14-3-1603 regarding non-profit corporation records and reports. The control number for the Georgia Republican Party, Inc is 14013271. All appellants are GRP members per State Rule 1.1 and additionally credentialed through the 2020 GA GOP Convention Season.


Chatham First Republicans

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