• Trump Buys Everyone Waffles At Waffle House

    By Staff
    June 11, 2023

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    President Trump stopped at a Waffle House in Columbus, GA yesterday during his visit to the GA GOP Convention.

    "I'm buying everyone waffles!"

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    Michael Vaughan

    I want to President Trump Waffles....It's on the House Mr. President...

    scott norris

    Imagine that. Trump didn't bully anyone nor challenge them to a fight or a pushup contest like Brandon does. Trump didn't regale the crowd like Pres. Xiden does with lies of how his son died in Iraq (LIE), or how his house burned down nearly killing his wife (LIE), or how his 1st wife was killed by a drunk driver (LIE).

    Last edited 1 year ago by scott norris
    Clifford Reid

    Gotta Love him!


    Many stories like this are coming out and not a publicity stunt either but from a heartfelt gesture.

    Trump's limo had a flat tire(before he was prez) and the tire guy changed it and Trump paid off his mortgage!.

    There was also a short video recently where the guy said Trump paid for all of his father's chemotherapy for like the past 5 years.


    Also search youtube for this:(by Kendel Reacts)Judge Joe Brown DEBUNKS The Trump Narrative | I'M SPEECHLESS

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