• Letter to the Editor- From Momma Nature

    May 2, 2018

    Letter to the Editor- From Momma Nature. Do you believe the citizens of Johns Creek realize what a drastic amount of Road improvements are about to happen due to the t-splost? In spite of having at least seven meetings around this area, only those who have actually gone to the City Council meetings and seen physically what is going to happen will anyone realize the catastrophic degradation of our way of life. I encourage everyone reading this to come to City Council meetings take a comment card and fill it out.

    I am Momma nature - I speak for the trees and I am sickened by the amount of devastation happening here. There should be nothing called clear-cutting happening here but it does and you know it. Where do you think these animals are going to go? These trees are giving us oxygen and in some cases shade. Do we protect them? I don't think so. Our children are watching us see if we have the intelligence to protect our environment. Air water and soil quality have been abused and taken for granted. Let's wise up. Momma Nature Former master naturalist- resigned recently so I can focus on environmental degradation around me in Johns Creek.

    -Carol Madan




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    Yes..it appears most citizens know what is going to happen due to the suggested projects being outlined as Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 and that TSPLOST passed by a majority of the voters. The catastrophic degradation of way of life you mention are probably already felt by those who supported TSPLOST when they sit in idle traffic everyday in Johns Creek and it takes them twenty minutes to travel two or three miles.

    Peter Smith

    Momma Nature (Carol) can you offer support or guidence regarding the proposed development of the 200 acre Embry Farm property by Ashton Woods? One of the very few remaining multi-hundred acre properties in Johns Creek is about to get paved with town homes and hundres of single family homes.
    Sign the petition to reject the zonning change application and retain the AG-1

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