• Letter to Editor: Chris Coughlin's Victory Can Be a Very Positive Change for Johns Creek

    April 19, 2017
    Chris Coughlin's Victory! Congratulations Chris Coughlin.  While I know that you cannot of your own accord change the direction of the City Council, I do know that you can move the conversation into the directions we need it to proceed. 

    While the majority does still lie with the FOUR who endorsed Coughlin's opponent, the Council conversations during the Work Sessions and City Council meetings are in the eyes of the Public.  I hope that the right questions are asked so that we can get the answers on the record before us.  We will be watching. One of the FOUR, if they are listening to the points of view presented, will hopefully change their perspective and vote accordingly. 

    I look forward to the discussions on traffic, our so-called Intelligent Traffic Lights, actual traffic data. Why we cannot work to improve the performance of underperforming intersections? As well as other opportunities within the world of transportation and commuting in and around Johns Creek.  

    I look forward to an honest and frank discussion on business taxes, and the reduction of taxes for ALL Johns Creek businesses. As well as the reduction in regulations that do not add anything but challenges to business operations.  This is a conversation Coughlin started in 2015 and unfortunately, has not gone very far without Coughlin, despite the efforts of Council Member Endres. 

    Johns Creek is indeed a great City, and I know Coughlin believes this.  Coughlin's approach to problem-solving is not a product of Group Think, but a product of Critical Thinking.  I look forward to seeing the results of that Critical Thinking because defining the problems first and then pursuing the best solutions will yield better solutions than what we have been doing in the past: Starting with a solution preferred by a few on the Council and then working backward to justify it. 

    To the Four Council

    To the Four that endorsed Coughlin's opponent: Are you listening? You represent the same electorate that overwhelmingly voted Chris Coughlin to join you on the Council.  Coughlin did not run a negative campaign.  Coughlin ran on the issues and offered solutions. Coughlin's policies and principles for good governance were stated and discussed. Solving traffic issues, protecting the residents against higher density developments, reducing business taxes for all businesses, and doing it at the lowest possible cost to residents (even if they could afford to pay more) are the types of Council decisions we seek. 

    What are you going to do with that information the voters have just provided to you?  Work against Coughlin's clearly successful campaign based on ideas and supported by the voters of Johns Creek?  Or join with him and others and help keep Johns Creek the great city it is for the residents of Johns Creek?  I encourage you to each takes a step back, and truly listen to the conversations and discussions. We will see occur during the work sessions and the City Council meetings.  Challenge your own beliefs on what is going on in Johns Creek and where we are heading. 

    If you can have your beliefs challenged. And at the end of the conversation, you still believe that is what best, then so be it.  But if you have your beliefs challenged and discover a better way? Then I hope you take that opportunity and change your mind.  By doing so, all of Johns Creek will benefit, including yourselves.  

    The choice is yours.  We are watching. Chris Coughlin's Victory can be very positive for Johns Creek.



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    Ed Thompson

    By their explicit endorsement of Chris Coughlin's opponent, our Mayor and three Council members turned this race into a defacto referendum, seeking a vote of confidence from Johns Creek residents. The voters overwhelmingly rejected the status quo, delivering a rebuke to currently pursued policies and direction. I hope that our sitting representatives take the time to reflect on the clear message the voters sent this week, and seek to address the disconnect that has developed under current leadership.

    John Bradberry

    The State of the City address next week should be very interesting. The Mayor has titled it "Transformation".

    Manny C

    It's hard to pick any candidate. They all speak in generic terms and ideas. I want someone that isn't going to raise taxes with more pet projects. Which member is that???

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