• Johns Creek: Second Best Suburb(and Now City) in Georgia(And Here's Why)

    June 9, 2017
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    Recently Johns Creek was named the second best suburb(and Now City) in Georgia to live.  Coming in second to Decatur, I was curious as to what makes up that ranking (and what role might our local government take in that ranking.  Interestingly enough, other communities are omitted from the suburb category but are some of the best cities in Georgia to live in.  (It seems that given enough rankings, we can all be winners)

    The largest contributor to our ranking is the educational level of adults living in Johns Creek, of course.  We know we are well educated, and that category is 15% of the weighting.

    Now which factors are because of our local government?

    Property taxes show up in the Housing Grade category, with a ten % weighting.  The effect of Johns Creek on this category might be 1-2% points of that category.

    Crime and safety is another category.  With a 5% rating, we will give ½ the credit to the police and fire, and ½ credit to the well-educated public, who should know better than to misbehave.  That brings us up to 3 ½ to 4 ½ %.

    The last category Johns Creek contributes to is Outdoor. One-third of that 5% is from having access to parks.  Since this is not limited to parks within your city limits, but all parks including National Parks within a large distance, we will score this category as a 1% contribution from the City of Johns Creek.

    In total, that would suggest that 4 ½ to 5 ½ % of our overall score our City Government could take credit for.

    The majority of the success for Johns Creek belongs to you.  Yes, you.

    Well educated, high income earners demanding great homes, working to keep the schools great through property and sales taxes, welcoming to people of all diversities, behaving in the eyes of the law, taking care of your health and the health of your families contributed the most to Johns Creek's selection as the Second Best Suburb in Georgia.

    Go ahead and pat yourself on the back.  You deserve it!

    Factors Considered

    Factor Description Source Weight
    Higher Education Rate Percentage of residents who have received a bachelor's degree or higher. U.S. Census 15.0%
    Cost of Living Grade Based on the consumer price index and access to affordable housing. Niche 10.0%
    Housing Grade Based on home values, property taxes, housing costs, local schools, and more. Niche 10.0%
    Public Schools Grade Based on the average Niche K-12 Overall Grade for every public school serving the area, where each school is weighted by the number of students it serves. Niche 10.0%
    Diversity Grade Based on ethnic, generational and economic diversity. Niche 7.5%
    Shortest Commute Grade Based on typical commute times and methods. Niche 7.5%
    Composite Overall Score Niche survey responses scored on a 1-5 scale regarding the overall experience of the place. Self-reported by Niche users 5.0%
    Crime & Safety Grade Based on violent and property crime rates. Niche 5.0%
    Family Grade Based on school quality, safety, and family-friendly living. Niche 5.0%
    Health & Fitness Grade Based on community health statistics and access to healthcare. Niche 5.0%
    Jobs Grade Based on employment rates, job, and economic growth, and cost of living. Niche 5.0%
    Nightlife Grade Based on access to bars, restaurants, theaters, and other attractions. Niche 5.0%
    Outdoor Activities Grade Based on weather, air quality, and access to parks and other recreational opportunities. Niche 5.0%
    Weather Grade Based on the number of sunny days, precipitation, and average temperatures in an area. Niche 5.0%




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