• Councilwoman Stephanie Endres Protect Us From Approving an Unseen $2 Million Lighting Design

    By Staff
    October 19, 2017

    In a recent work session, only Stephanie Endres kept the Johns Creek City Council from approving a $2 million lighting plan which no one has seen on Abbotts Bridge Road. Watch as she asks the hard questions on your behalf and keeps us from being forced to approve any plan on short notice.

    Video Source: City of Johns Creek

    Commentary: Ernest Moosa



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    Suzi Krizan

    Go Stephanie Go....I am voting for you.


    Nice work Stephanie. You actually wanted to understand the issue rather than acting like you understood (like the mayor).

    Ed Thompson

    An excellent example of the integrity that Stephanie Endres brings to her role as our City Council Post 5 representative. She earns my vote every day.


    I have followed your actions on the Council for over a year and you have my vote. Any JC resident that really cares about the future of this city with cast a vote for Stephanie!


    Stephanie is a jewel, and I'm not buying Bodker or Broadbent's change of heart on this project. They were planning to sneak this thru all along. Tom Black has been working in Georgia local government and cutting deals with GADOT for over 25 years. He knows exactly how these deals work and he should have divulged ALL of the angels to Council. The agenda item was deliberately written in an ambiguous fashion to enable multiple interpretations.

    Stephanie had to extract information from Black like a dentist pulling teeth. That's why Bodker and Broadbent quickly pushed to approve spending money for the design after several of Stephanie's questions. Black had no intention of volunteering information regarding the multiple angles of this $2 million expenditure, but Stephanie kept peeling the onion until everything was revealed. Then all of a sudden, Bodker has a spiritual awakening and decides to agree with Stephanie.

    If Bodker and Broadbent truly didn't know how this deal worked, then that's even worse than what I laid out above. And, this just represents another example of Bodker and his voting bloc of blind loyalists squandering our tax dollars like a pack of drunken sailors.


    What's the status on the Abbotts Bridge street lights? It is very dark without them, especially now that the sunrise is getting later and school starts before sunrise in the winter. The ones on Kimball Bridge look fantastic. We have new sidewalks on Abbotts Bridge between Jones Bridge and Parson, but no street lights at all !

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