DEBATE REPLAY: Walker Vs Warnock

October 14, 2022

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It's debate night in Georgia. U.S. Sen. Raphael Warnock (D) and challenger Herschel Walker (R) square off for the first and only time ahead of the November election.

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2 comments on “DEBATE REPLAY: Walker Vs Warnock”

  1. The debate would had been much better if the monitors would not interrupt so much and restating the same things, over and over and over again! Ring the bell and stop pointing out what they say and making a plan to torpedo the conservative side, so it appears you have your favorite and that is the baby killing side! BTW, a badge I not a prop; to state that is to make small and why there is so much gun violence! As this kids see and hear the main stream media and other make light of our Laws!

  2. Also, the lady takes way too much time to berate the debaters! She apparently has an issue that her parent had not address, just a great grandparent's observation!

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