• GA State Senator Burt Jones Urges Audit Of Surveillance Tapes At Ballot Drop Boxes

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    November 17, 2021
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    An influential Georgia state senator, who is running for lieutenant governor in 2022, says he believes states like his own that used drop boxes to collect absentee ballots last year should audit the surveillance video tapes that were installed at the voting locations to ensure no shenanigans occurred.

    "All those drop boxes that were sent throughout Metro Atlanta, you can't police them if you wanted to, so it just made it ripe for bad actors to game the system," Republican state Sen. Burt Jones told Just the News in an interview this week.

    Jones, who is seeking his party's nomination for lieutenant governor next year, said he was disappointed that state authorities like the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, the attorney general or secretary of state didn't initiate audits of the video because drop boxes were introduced as a new tactic during the pandemic and raised concerns about potential abuse...

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