• Open Records Request For Emails Between Raffensperger And GOP Taiwan Immigrant Jay Lin 90% Redacted - What Is He Hiding?

    By Staff
    June 21, 2022

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    The Georgia Record/CDMedia spent close to $1,000 for open records requests in the state of Georgia, asking for communications between Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger and Jay Lin, a Taiwan immigrant who was a Johns Creeks city councilman and then was appointed by Governor Brian Kemp to his transition team, and then the Georgia State Properties Commission, which has influence over the Savannah Port.

    We have shown circumstantial connections between Jay Lin and the Chinese Communist Party.

    The results of the open records request were returned over six months later (due to Covid of course) and startlingly, the documents received are 90% completely blacked out. There are hundreds of pages in the 2700 page PDF file received that are completely redacted.

    In our history of journalism, we have never seen such a flouting of open records law.

    What are they hiding?

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    Carlton Johnson

    There are statutory criminal and civil penalties for failing to comply in good faith with Open Records requests. You should pursue them to the fullest extent. Otherwise, Raffensperger will continue his flagrant disregard and/or violation of laws and his constitutional responsibilities as an elected official. He continues to think he has unfettered and unaccountable control of the elections and their results, as evidenced by his blatant attempt to rig using the Dominion machines the recent 2022 Republican primaries in favor of incumbents. Who in their right mind will believe despised, low-poll-rating incumbents will defeat Trump-supported candidates by margins of 72-74% to 22-24%. Raffensperger began the night and ended with over 50% of the vote, even though his recent polling numbers were 18%-39%. One or more algorithms clearly were being used. Voter GA already have shown in their partial review of one precinct's physical ballots that Raffensperger was given at least 13% extra votes by the machines. Voter GA will be pursuing court order for access to copies of the physical ballots of the 159 Georgia counties.

    Victoria Cruz

    Thank you for investigating the connections between the CCP and Raffensperger and Kemp. Many citizens have long suspected this connection, mostly thanks to your investigative reporting. Jay Lin's position in the Geprgia State Properties Commision is disturbing on many levels including the Savannah ports and possible CCP takeover of Georgia farmland and municipal properties. I would hope that your efforts and reporting can expose any malfeasance by Mr Lin in that capacity.
    And of course it is essential to sue for access to SOS`s official communications with Mr Lin. It is within your rights under GA law, and I believe the state is required to pay attorney's fees if you are successful.

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