• Gwinnett Residents Ask Three Gwinnett County Board Of Elections Members To Step Down, Alleging Complicit In 2022 Election Crimes

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    October 23, 2022
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    A group of Gwinnett residents recently notified the Gwinnett Election Board of several crimes for the 2022 midterm general election, alleging they are complicit.  Over a month ago, a member of this group individually submitted a stunning total of 37,500 custom affidavits to the Gwinnett County Elections Office challenging fraud in the 2020 election. This data included duplicate voters, incomplete registration data, non-existent addresses, and national change of address (NCOA) information showing former residents currently on the voter rolls. These affidavits include 20,000 challenges to actual votes that were certified just after the 2020 election and Gwinnett has yet to provide an answer. 

    After a specially called Board meeting on October 3, 2022 by Dr. Wandy Taylor, Stephen Day, and Anthony Rodriquez, the Board unlawfully voted 3-2 to dismiss all of the challenges, citing the affidavits being “fraught with errors” and 'a list' while admitting they hadn’t reviewed them all. 

    The dismissed Affidavits were not 'a list', as stated by Mr. Day, but eight boxes of notarized documents containing months of research with up to five pieces of evidence each.  They serve as “notice” to the County of facts contained in their voter rolls.  Now the group is tracking these issues real time in the Gwinnett County 2022 Absentee Files and the current Voter Roll. 

    Phantom Voters - Gwinnett voter rolls are being packed with phantom voters prior to building occupancy.  This Apartment in Lawrenceville does not have a certificate of occupancy from the County but already has 13 registered voters. 

    Gwinnett Elections is allowing Out of State residents to vote in Georgia 

    • One voter sold her home in Snellville in August of 2020 and moved to Florida.  She then purchased a new home in Florida and registered to vote at this address.  Even the Georgia Secretary of State placed this voter on NCOA inactive status.  This individual unlawfully voted in 2020, 2021, and now Gwinnett is mailing her a 2022 ballot.  
    • Another voter sold his home in Lilburn and moved to Delaware in 2021.  He too is designated as an inactive voter, but Gwinnett elections is mailing him a ballot to his Delaware address.
    • A third voter moved from his family home in Sugar Hill in early 2021.  He is an underwriter with a large bank in Charlotte, NC since 2021.  The Secretary of State designated him NCOA inactive.  This individual has requested a Gwinnett 2022 ballot mailed to his North Carolina address and Gwinnett County Elections complied.

    Gwinnett Elections is facilitating double voting 

    • The original challenges presented to Gwinnett County contained over 2,700 Duplicate Voters, which are two registration IDs for the same name, address, and birth year.
    • In 2020 there were 250 of these pairs that double and triple voted in Gwinnett.
    • Gwinnett Board dismissed all of these challenges without hearing them.
    • Gwinnett Elections is now mailing TWO absentee ballots to the same voter which facilities the crimes that occurred in 2020.

    Gwinnett Elections is mailing ballots to Phantom voters from Non-existent Addresses

    • The original challenges presented to Gwinnett County contained over 2,700 registered voters at phantom houses, apartment buildings and other non-existent addresses
    • Gwinnett county unlawfully dismissed all of these challenges without hearing them.  They stated the data was “replete with errors” when in fact a test sample has been mailed an envelop and 70% have already been returned to sender, thus validating the work.
    • Now Gwinnett Elections is mailing ballots to these voters, not to their non existent address, but out of state. 

    The residents allege Gwinnett Elections is suppressing the vote of all lawful Gwinnett residents and ultimately the people of Georgia.  When out of state, or phantom voters, or double voters are allowed to vote it is a suppression of all legal votes.  Clean elections are paramount to a free republic.

    Alice O’Lenick, the Board Chair, voted against dismissing the challenges and was on record stating that the dismissal was potentially a violation of law and a violation of their sworn duty to uphold their oath of office. 

    The residents allege Mr. Stephen Day and Dr. Wandy Taylor were disingenuous to the Gwinnett public as to the contents of the affidavits, misled them as to the facts, and violated their duty under OCGA 21-2-230.  They went on to slander a Gwinnett resident.  Mr. Rodriquez voted to dismiss as well.  Violating the law is a violation of their oath of office to uphold the Constitution of Georgia and the Constitution of America.  Now when criminal election activity occurs, of which they have been previously notified of and refused to act, the residents allege they are complicit in these crimes.  

    Team leader, Merrybelle Hodges, descendent of Button Gwinnett a signer of the Declaration of Independence, stated at the recent Board meeting, “Before the October 3rd Special meeting I was asked by a board member not to take anything personal that would be discussed. I assure you I cannot take it personal as I cannot take it seriously.  As previously stated, I am not ashamed of our affidavit work. I don’t care how much you try to diminish it, and I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus.  He is my vindicator.” 

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