• David Ralston Will Not Seek Nomination As Georgia House Speaker In 2023

    By Staff
    November 4, 2022

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    ATLANTA - Rep. David Ralston announced he doesn't plan to seek another term as Georgia's Speaker of the House, citing a "health challenge" that requires his attention.

    Ralston, who was first elected to the state house in 2002 and has served as speaker since 2010, announced in a statement on Friday. 

    "Serving as Speaker of the Georgia House of Representatives has been the honor of a lifetime, and I owe a heartfelt thank you to my colleagues for the trust and confidence they placed in me thirteen years ago," Ralston said. "I need to take time to address a health challenge which has arisen recently, and the House needs a Speaker who can devote the necessary time and energy to the office. I love the House and want to see the honorable men and women who serve in it succeed. I will work the remainder of my term as Speaker to ensure a smooth transition for my successor..."

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    Diana Barahona

    The man who refused to call the state legislature back into session after the 2020 elections were rigged.


    Good riddens a hole


    Not to be insensitive to his physical issues but this is way overdue. His obsession with taking away the pickup trucks' seat belt exemption was a huge red flag. Ga. Republican party needs a total tear-down and then total rebuild, from Governor all the way down to my worthless waste of a state rep and county government too. But I will probably move to a no-income-tax state before that day comes.

    John Walters


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