• What’s Going on with The Georgia Record and Why You Should Pay Attention

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    January 16, 2023
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    With your help we will bring forward honest, timely information others won't report. We will not be silenced.

    Georgia State Map - Circa 1894

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    In the weeks following Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter, more and more has been disclosed from inside Twitter showing the steps that company took, along with other social media, Government agencies, the media and others to censor information coming from valid investigative outlets.

    The Georgia Record is committed to seeing that Truthful, timely information is available here in Georgia and across the Country.

    A leading online investigator, @KanekoaTheGreat (Twitter; Truth Social) recently published findings about how these organizations targeted and censored information, often in order of priority.    Not surprisingly, Project Veritas was targeted #1 in an attempt to keep its undercover investigations and whistleblower testimony from reaching the American people.   The same report shows CD Media (parent of (The Georgia Record) was equally prioritized for silencing.

    As more Truth is discovered, whether regarding election integrity, education, health or other areas, The Georgia Record will always strive to bring our followers relevant information in a timely manner so you may research further and thereby form a better understanding of the dynamics evolving for Georgia.

    We also encourage the People of Georgia to bring forward important information, either directly or through our “See Something Say Something” Tipline now listed on our home page.

    Thank you for your support, together we win.

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    Keith Suarez

    Thank you. You should follow the content of Tore Maras. She is on telegram Twitter and truth social. What I have seen so far is that the news that most people post as some new event, she already had talked about it years ago.

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