• Catherine Englebrecht Returns To The Air, Provides Feedback On True The Vote's Plans

    January 28, 2023
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    Georgia case with Stacy Abrams and Fair Fight to be heard in Federal Court this coming week.

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    This week, Catherine Englebrecht returned to Locals to provide an update on True the Vote’s plans between now and 2024.

    Many will recall that in 2020, True the Vote consolidated efforts across Georgia and identified 350,000+ voter registrations which appeared to no-longer be eligible in Georgia, (due to moves etc.) Consequently, True the Vote prepared to issue challenges for these registrations. 

    According to Ms. Englebrecht, prior to filing challenges, she met with Georgia’s Secretary of State, Brad Reffesnperger and his team, to inform them of the forthcoming actions.  She reports his team commented that this effort should have been done a long time ago, Raffensperger even took a moment to review the numbers and commented the numbers seemed about right.

    The challenges were actually filed in December 2020. Soon thereafter Stacy Abrams and Fair Fight, Inc. filed suit against True the Vote alleging voter intimidation in violation of Section 11(b) of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 (VRA)  and naming True the Vote, Catherine Englebrecht, and voters across the State who participated from their various counties.

    At the same time Marc Elias sent letters to Georgia Counties threatening suit should the Counties take on the challenges submitted.

    The case has been making its way within the Federal District Court of Northern Georgia since that time.  The Federal Court will hear arguments for Summary Judgment on February 1, this coming Wednesday.

    Information on True the Vote and their initiatives is available at: truethevote.org

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