• Financial Experts Call For Investigation Into Charity Founded By Georgia Democrat Stacey Abrams

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    February 21, 2023
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    The New Georgia Project, founded by Stacey Abrams, is facing accusations of financial misconduct surrounding questionable payments totaling $600k were made to two organizations.

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    Eric Butler, with the Tatum Report, disclosed yesterday that Stacey Abrams New Georgia Project, is facing questions of financial misconduct and missing money after a $533,846 consulting payment was made to a charity but not received, and $67,500 was paid to an obscure charity run in part by a former New Georgia Project employee. 

    In one recent example, the New Georgia Project became interested in Forsyth County, when in 2022 over 13,000 voter registration challenges where filed in that County. Within hours of the challenges being filed, attorneys citing The New Georgia Project sent letters to Forsyth County attempting to block the challenges from being accepted. Sources close to the matter have theorized that a party with inside knowledge of the challenge process may have alerted the attorneys, New Georgia Project or both.

    Nse Ufot was the CEO of the New Georgia Project until October 2022, and the charity’s 2021 Form 990 financial disclosure was filed two months after the form was due to the IRS. The document states that the charity paid out $5,671,892 in total compensation for 105 employees in 2021, compared to $19,142,227 paid in 2020 for 173 employees. According to the Free Beacon, there were also discrepancies in compensation figures. The group’s payroll records show that at least two other individuals besides Ufot earned over six figures in 2021. However, this was not reflected in the disclosure.

    Francys Johnson, chairman of The New Georgia Project fired Ufot and other senior executives, claiming it could no longer afford to pay their salaries. The New Georgia Project and its affiliated New Georgia Project Action Fund have raised $54.7 million since 2020 and were integral to the Democrats’ efforts to turn Georgia blue.

    The group has been accused of illegally working to elect Abrams during her 2018 gubernatorial bid, and the Georgia State Ethics Commission has made similar allegations. Experts are calling for state and federal investigations into the matter and a review of the charity’s tax forms, which some say contain information that is “just not possible.”

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    Ronald O'Neal

    Abrams has been breaking the law for years. No telling how much she made off zuckerbucks I'm betting millions.

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