• VoterGA: Language Allowing Unsealing Of Ballots REMOVED!

    By Staff
    February 28, 2023

    SB122 which included the ability to unseal ballots has been merged with SB221 and now the language allowing unsealing of ballots has BEEN MYSTERIOUSLY REMOVED from the SB221 Committee substitute bill.

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    Many will recall that as Counties across Georgia pursued Election Integrity cases in 2021 and 2022, a significant challenge was refusal by the Counties to unseal ballots for audit and inspection. The original SB 122 Bill would have paved the way for ballots to be unselaed to allow confirmation of the actual ballots. Unsealing the ballots is essential to verifying electronic results and detecting counterfeit ballots.

    It is remarkable that at this stage Senate members would choose to remove this language. Why would they do this??

    You have your chance to be heard and/or to support VoterGA by attending the Senate Ethics Hearing this afternoon.

     A Senate Ethics Committee hearing on the bill is scheduled for 6pm TODAY at the Capitol in Room CAP450. You will have two minutes for public comments. 

    If you don’t want to speak, come support us. We want as many people as possible to be there. Please join us.

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    Emory J Austin

    Underhanded people do underhanded things.


    Those POS Democrats will do anything they can to make it impossible to prove they’re CHEATING.
    What I just realized is how weak the word cheat is, it doesn’t hit you with how disgusting, disastrous and most of all TREASONOUS election fraud is! They should be beaten in the streets!

    john thomas ennis

    WTF are these ballots gone completely ?

    Elena Merino

    I believe HB 426 does this as it crosses out "under seal, unless otherwise directed by
    93 the superior court"

    john thomas ennis

    Mr. Favorito thank you so much for your hard work but may i say without the actual proof being allowed, where are we in the struggle for the truth in Ga.

    john thomas ennis

    Please God help us against these demons

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