• Veterans For American First Ask GA Legislators To Restrict Drag Shows

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    March 14, 2023
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    Forsyth County recently publicized an "all-ages family bingo run" by drag queen Mrs. Ivana. The event promotion reads "Join our kids dance contest" and is to be held on April 23 at the Forsyth County Senior Citizen Center in Cumming, GA.

    Veterans for American First Advocates noticed and is taking the matter to legislators. They are concerned that local governments believe that these events are legal concessions to free speech and creative entertainment. However, they may engage child abuse and pornography industry players.

    VFAF has arranged a meeting with GA Senator Jason Anavitarte of SD 31 of Paulding and Polk counties to explore adopting legislation like Tennessee to further protect Georgia children and families. The meeting is set for Thursday, March 16, and represents the interest of millions of conservative veterans and first responders.

    The following article contains the names of the VFAF advocates and contact information to engage the issue, and monitor your local area.

    VFAF, aka Veterans for Trump, is a national organization. Reach out to https://veteransforamericafirst.org for more information.

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