• The Empire Strikes Back......... In Cherokee

    By Staff
    March 23, 2023

    Update: Challenge called off, Cherokee delegation will go to district convention.

    After America-first candidates scored a sweeping win during the Cherokee County GOP Convention, establishment Republicans appear to have issued a challenge to the conventions results.

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    On March 11th,  Cherokee County held their GOP County Convention and elected a new executive committee made-up of America first candidates..

    Within days, word was spreading that a challenge had been issued, claiming that the convention results should be overturned.

    Sources close to the matter are asking if Cherokee delegates (some of whom may have unknowingly signed a petition) understand that if the challenge is upheld they may lose their Delegates to the District and State Conventions.

    So what is happening??

    Attendees of the convention have and are coming forward to The Georgia Record to state their observations of the proceedings.   

    A delegate who attended described that the Cherokees convention included 200 plus delegates and was held in a local school auditorium.   Voting for candidates was done via paper ballots, which were then submitted,, and counted twice, while being observed by several people at each counting location.

    Before vote counting was completed and results announced , certain delegates noted a yellow pad of paper being passed around and being signed by some delegates at the Convention.  

    Following completion of vote counting, the winning candidates were announced.

    Another attendee stated that Scot Turner, former Georgia House of Representatives member and delegate to the convention, moved to accept the results of the elections by acclamation, the motion was seconded, voted upon, and approved by the convention delegates.

    Raj  Sagoo, candidate for Chairman of the Cherokee GOP, is reported to have gone to the stage, after investigating the "yellow pad," and announced that he wasn’t part of, and did not support, what was going on in the back and then left the Convention location.                                       

    At least one delegate examined the yellow pad and found no writing or documents on the pad other than lines of signatures.

    Video shows someone with a red jacket lift the yellow pad, remove a blue piece of paper, then replace the yellow pad on the table.    Sources noted that other recordings of the majority of the convention may also exist.

    During the convention, which lasted until approximately 8:00pm, Delegates and Alternates to the 11h and 6th District Conventions and Delegates to State Conventions were voted upon by standing count, approved and the results confirmed by Pete Castello, Convention Chairman.

    So where did this "yellow pad" come from and what was its purpose? Is this part of the challenge and if so were those proposing it forthcoming? Mr. Sagoo's reported comments and actions seem to call these things into question.

    The Georgia Record has acquired certain pictures taken at the event:

    Here is a man identified by attendees as Mr. David Sciacca, wearing a uniform identifying him as "security" and carrying what seems to be a yellow pad. A woman identified as Ms. Linda Parker can be seen just beyond him. An attendee nearby states they heard Mr. Sciacca say at some point, "We only need a few more signatures."

    Another photo shows Ms. Linda Parker, apparently holding a yellow pad.......

    Another photo shows two ladies delegates identified as Ms. Mollie Ann Holt and Ms. Judy Davila in the red jacket. Lisa Adkins, 11th District Chair, and GA Rep. Jordan Ridley, can be seen in the background.

    Over the next few days, word of a challenge began to spread across those who had attended and others familiar with the Cherokee Convention.

    Sources now report that a meeting of the 11th District Committee will assemble this Saturday morning, March 25th, at 9:30am, at the Cobb County GOP HQ, located at 799 Roswell St NE, Marietta, GA 30060, to examine the evidence and determine the results of the challenge appealing the outcome of the convention.

    Sources report that repeated requests for copies of the Minutes of the Cherokee Convention have been ignored.

    A call to Lisa Adkins, 11th District Chair, to ask about the convention and her plans to address the challenge was unreturned.

    (This article was amended as information was confirmed.)

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    Just like the Democrats, the GOP feels they no longer must answer to the American People. It's because the miscreants in both parties get away with this behavior every time.

    Frank Nadspal

    SWo, do we average conservative voters show up and protest the GOP HQ??

    Bess Manners

    That was not a blue piece of paper in the video, & that piece of paper was a ballot that was not yet turned in.


    So the RINOs in Georgia were already contesting the vote before the vote was even tallied. They knew that America 1st GOPers were going to win and decided this was the best time and easiest way to get the necessary signatures, while all of the attendees were present. But if the vote was by paper and the votes were counted twice, there is nothing to contest. You don't get a revote just because you don't like the outcome. Isn't that what they've been telling Trump since 2020?


    Tribal politics is somewhat more violent than national party political contests. Up here in Minnesota shootings are not uncommon whenever one family or another takes over the tribe's offices.

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    Lisa Adkins is not telling the truth. There was an appeal, the appeals committee was formed and did meet and take a vote so Lisa Adkins saying there was no appeal is totally false and she knows it. The appeal was voided only after the names were removed. She also gave bad advice as any appeal must first go to the County Committee then to the District for appeal. That wasn't done. Lisa claiming that the people can still contest the delegates is also completely false unless there is a delegate that someone knows to not be legally registered elector of the 11th district. Mr. Oles is 100% correct. Lisa Adkins either is intentionally misleading people or she didn't bother to read the adopted Convention Rules that over-ride RRO and / or state party rules.
    12. A call for quorum is not in order while business of the State Call remains unfinished
    13. A motion to adjourn is not in order while business of the State Call remains unfinished

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