• BREAKING: Election Investigator Gleason Gives Pinellas County Officials 24 Hours To Admit Alleged Election Fraud Sins Or RICO Case Will Be Filed

    By Staff
    March 29, 2023
    Photo: CD Media

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    CDMedia has interviewed election integrity activist Chris Gleason of Pinellas County, FL multiple times on our series - FLORIDA IS NOT FREE. You can see the interview links below.

    Gleason provided information to James O'Keefe's OMG and the first video dropped yesterday of a massive campaign finance money laundering operation nationwide. The information was discussed a week ago on our Information Operation podcast episode 165.

    Gleason has now given Pinellas County officials 24 hours to come clean or a massive RICO case will be filed in Florida.

    IO Episode 165 - FLORIDA IS NOT FREE PART 5 - Chris Gleason Files RICO Lawsuit

    IO Episode 161 - Florida Is Not Free Part 4 - Chris Gleason

    IO Episode 157 – FLORIDA IS NOT FREE PART 2 – Chris Gleason

    IO Episode 154 - FLORIDA IS NOT FREE PART 1 - Chris Gleason


    I just want to give you and the rest of the Pinellas County Election RICO enterprise over at the Pinellas County SOE office a heads up. I would rather spend the money that you want to charge me for MY election data that MY TAXES have paid for already on filing a Writ of Mandamus and filing a RICO case against every single one of you individually.

    Perhaps you are unaware, but there is a video circulating on the internet of James O'Keefe and his new venture. You may or may not know that it was my personal investigations, evidence and data that drove his new efforts in exposing the illegal money laundering operations of ActBlue. https://twitter.com/OKeefeMedia/status/1640902212745412609?s=20

    Rest assured, I am working with true patriots and honest lawyers with integrity to stop the illegal activities that you all have been a party to. As I see it you have two choices, you can continue to play games or you can repent of your sins and start doing the right thing. Ultimately, that choice is yours. We all know the extent of the illegal activities going on in the Pinellas County SOE office.


    Your choice is simple, turn over all of the data that I am requesting or I will be left with no other choice to pursue any and all legal remedies under state and federal law.

    You have exactly 24 hours to honor my request.

    Warm regards,

    Chris Gleason

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    Thank you for your hard work Chris. Of all the things the biden crime family has illegally done too our country illegal voting is the worst. I live in Georgia and we have crooked s o s. I was hoping Ruby Freeman would take him down. We will win in the long run.


    Freeman was working with Raffensperger.

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