• DeSantis Director Who Threatened To Use "Baker Act" Was Hired After Working In Georgia/Ukraine

    June 2, 2023
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    Christina Pushaw admitted her ties to Ukraine on video, emerging evidence suggests ties to Soros as well.

    Photo: Twitter capture

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    Ron Desantis' campaign continues to face significant issues as information surfaces surround on of his Directors, Christina Pushaw. Last week Ms. Pushaw was called out for threatening use of the Florida confinement law know as the "Baker Act" on Laura Loomer:


    Subsequently information has become available showing that her background includes work in Ukraine:

    While Pushaw downplays this revelation as "Not news" it isn't as easy to overlook the fact that she has been required to register as a foreign agent, see document below:

    She was also close enough to Zelenski to celebrate with him his rise to power in Ukraine.

    Independent reserachers have now uncovered links tying her to an NGO Warsaw Security Forum funded by Soros Open Society foundation. Many readers will recall the Soros statement several months supporting DeSantis run for President ........

    Many say Ms. Pushaw and her contacts are worth paying attention to. We wonder what other discoveries may be uncovered in the coming months.

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