• BREAKING: Raffensperger Can't Find Any Of The Formation Records For The Georgia Republican Party

    By Staff
    June 12, 2023

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    According to the Georgia Election Code, Secretary of State Raffensperger maintains the registration statement and files on the state's political parties. However, all of the files for the Georgia Republican Party, even the most current registration documents seem to be "missing."

    In preparation for the State Republican Party Convention, which adjourned on June 10 in Columbus, GA, a group of citizens requested records. They filed the original request on May 5 for the documents of the Georgia Republican Party and the like-named non-member domestic nonprofit corporation that enveloped the party in 2014. The second entity is called the Georgia Republican Party, Inc.

    As The Georgia Record has reported, there is a single Director of the corporate entity, former State Party Chairman John Padgett, who has technically maintained control of the corporation since he formed it in February 2014.

    The Georgia Record updated our reporting on the issue recently during the GA GOP convention.

    Below is an email string with the response from the Secretary of State's office regarding the "missing documents."

    This story keeps getting stranger and stranger.

    The Georgia Record will provide updates to the story as it develops.

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    Mark Hebert

    Crook! Traitor! Sell-out!
    Same is True for the members of the Texas House of Reps who sold-out Texas AND the u.S. when they took bribes to Illegally impeach our Beloved Staunch Conservative Attorney General, the most Successful Texas Attorney General ever, the Great Patriot, Ken Paxton.

    You Traitors will Not be re-elected and need to be recalled AND Prosecuted!




    Robert Travis

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