• BREAKING: Why Is Kemp Rushing A Part of The Defeated 520 Bill Into Action Via Executive Order

    By Staff
    September 6, 2023

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    One of the Bill defeated in the Spring 2023 session of the Georgia Legislature was HB 520 - known as "the Mental Health Bill."

    The bill raised concerns with many across the State and drew people to the Capitol to ask hard questions about the provisions of the bill.

    One of the provisions was sharing of data across State agencies, through an Agency known as Georgia Data Analytic Center (GDAC.)

    On September 1, just five days ago, Kemp signed an Executive Order giving himself broad-based authority over what agencies can see what data and which agencies can not.

    Further, the Executive Order specifies that Data may be shielded from disclosure and shall not be subject to disclosure as a result of being shared.

    So if a citizens data is shared from one agency to another will the citizen know? Will they be able to find out?

    Perhaps more important, why would this Executive Order be so critical to complete now? And why not wait and let the legislature accomplish this?

    Just last week Kemp said in response to calls for a Special Session of the legislature to investigate Fani Willis' bizarre indictments, "Were not having a Special Session." Yet at the end of that same week he enacts a sweeping mandate which becomes effective "upon signature" and puts him in position to directly control data transfer between agencies, and the sole individual for resolution of disputes.

    Read or Download the entire executive order here:

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    Yeah, he see how a dictatorship works so well for the biden regime, he figures he will do it here. This guy has lost his mind. He going to start rounding up folks like Stalin and Mao and other despots have done when you don't agree with him.

    Robert Travis

    Gangrenous tyranny - quick amputation needed to protect Georgia's future existence.

    Orwellian Ministry of Truth move by Uniparty.

    Last edited 9 months ago by Robert Travis
    Virginia Harlow

    Might be trying to hide voter databases?

    Victoria Cruz

    When I first read about this in HB520, it occurred to me that this data-sharing agreement might be instrumental in tracking persons across participating state lines who posed a threat to the coming New World Order that so many governors and legislatures like ours appear to have signed on to. I suspect that this Kemp EO was negotiated in Davos when opposition to HB520 escalated. Kemp has signed a pact with the devil.

    Sarah Webster

    This may be to prevent ‘someone’ in the executive branch from accessing any data… someone like Burt Jones-

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