• Think Injustice Is Limited To Trump And J6? Now Watch What's Happening In Cherokee County... (Updated)

    By Staff
    September 26, 2023

    After a voter complains about the non-human-readable barcode on his ballot (a ballot which violates Georgia law) he learns the Cherokee Election Director wants him charged with multiple felonies.

    Photo: Anne Dover - Facebook

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    Next week Richard Jordan is to appear before the State Election Board. Anne Dover, Election Director of Cherokee County is pushing for him to be charged with Felonies - FOR ASKING ABOUT THE BARCODE which appears on ballots printed by the Dominion Voting systems machines.

    Will the SEB go full "Fani Willis" and produce unconstitutional charges against a man simply asking how they know what the barcode says? Eyes across Georgia and across the nation will be watching closely.

    (Update: The Georgia Record reached out to Cherokee Election Director, Ms. Anne Dover, for comment on the events of June 17th, 2022. In an email response, Ms. Dover cited personal issues and that she could not speak about an ongoing matter.)

    On June 17th, 2022, Mr. Richard Jordan walked into the South Annex poll location in Woodstock to vote in the primary runoff election.   

    According to Mr. Jordan's account, he showed credentials to confirm his identity and was given a voting card to allow him to use the ballot marking device machine.    He made his vote selection and printed out his ballot.    

    On his ballot he noted a barcode on the printed ballot.   Mr. Jordan states he was approached by a poll worker and directed toward the tabulator to insert his ballot.  He asked the poll worker how she could confirm that the bar code said the same thing as his vote choice. The poll worker replied she didn't know and Mr. Jordan asked to speak to the poll manager.  

    Mr. Jordan states he asked the poll manager the same question and the poll manager replied she didn't have any explanation on the barcode.   After a few minutes the poll manager made a phone call and then handed the phone to Mr. Jordan.   

    On the phone was Cherokee Elections Director, Anne Dover, who Mr. Jordan states told him there was not a means for a human to read the barcode.   Mr. Jordan asked Ms. Dover and the poll manager for a complaint form so that he could document a formal complaint.  The poll manager reportedly spoke again with Ms. Dover and ultimately handed Mr. Jordan a form to complete.  

    He stood at a table in the poll area to complete the complaint form with his ballot resting on the table next to him.     A few minutes later he was approached by a Woodstock police officer and asked if he was OK.   He stated yes that he was voting.  Mr. Jordan noted that his ballot was in full view and asked the police officer to step back so as not to violate his right to a confidential ballot.   Mr. Jordan asked the officers to confirm their identifies and made notes.   He completed the form, processed his ballot through the tabulator and exited the poll location to return to his car.

    The Georgia Record has obtained bodycam footage of the incident which, in-part, documents the discussions of the officers, assistant poll manager, poll manager and several poll workers along with Mr. Jordan's actions. Mr. Jordan is seen below standing at a table filing out the complaint form he was given.

    At one point in the video, a male, apparently a poll worker, states that “if I had a uniform I would have body-slammed that guy”, at which point the poll manager (he refers to her as Vicky") appears to motion the worker to stop speaking, perhaps because of the bodycam videos.

    A few moments later one of the police officers notes that Mr. Jordan has left and states he doesn't want to go out and "antagonize him further."

    A few days later Mr. Jordan was informed that Cherokee County Elections Department (Anne Dover) was alleging several criminal violations against him.

    According to Mr. Jordan, asking these questions about the infamous barcode and filing out the complaint form has resulted in Cherokee County Elections Department making the following allegations:

    Interference with a Primaries and Elections Generally - Felony

    Intimidation of Electors - Felony

    Interfering with Poll Officers - Felony

    Removal or Destruction of Election Supplies or Conveniences - Misdemeanor

    Intentional Interference with Performance of Election Duties - Misdemeanor

    These constitute 3 Felonies and 2 Misdemeanors,  which if taken together, could carry penalties of up to 20 years in prison and $200,000 in fines.

    Since that time, Mr. Jordan, through open records requests and legal investigation, has obtained the bodycam videos of the two officers who came into the polling location and states that these two bodycam videos corroborate his account of the events.

    Cherokee County Officials including Ms. Dover have been in the limelight in past months for a number of actions which seem to call into question their role as servants to the residents of Cherokee County.

    Earlier in 2022, this same Cherokee Elections Director, Anne Dover, refused to provide copies of the Cherokee County Cast Vote Records report in response to multiple open records requests.   (Cast vote records contain no personal identifying information and simply show what selections were made on each ballot.  Most other Georgia Counties readily provided copies of the same report when requested.  Why Ms. Dover refused access is still an open question.)  The CVR report was finally provided after months of effort by multiple citizens.

    In May, 2022, Anne Dover was presented with several hundred sworn and notarized affidavits from electors across Cherokee County, requesting a hand recount.

    When presented with the stack of affidavits, Ms. Dover refused to sign to even acknowledge receipt of the documents.

    No actual charges have been filed, although Ms. Dover has apparently referred the case to the Secretary of State.

    Prof. David Clements spoke with Mr. Jordan and discussed the outrageous steps Dover has followed:

    UPDATED with Ofc. Fernandez full bodycam.....

    Ofc. Sauble full bodycam.......

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    where are all of the good cops that could go in under cover. Lets send in some unsuspecting citizens we have to stop this crap.


    That woman Ann Dover LOVES to play victim.


    Wow, she's not good for the county or the state. I wonder who's paying her off


    People in positions of power who like to abuse their power should be punished to serve as an example to others. Make no mistake, this is a nasty example of intimidation on the part of a government official whose position should be to serve the voting public, not bully and threaten voters who dare to have a question or complaint.


    The establishment in Cherokee County using voter intimidation? The witch hunt for Richard is because he has dared to ask questions concerning election integrity! This same establishment controls the Board of Elections. They run block and interference for the SOS. They are supposed to be the front line of defense in protecting their citizens vote. What percentage of Georgians believe the election process is honest and transparent?


    What the hell is going on, why do our citizens working the poles have to hide stuff and treat their fellow citizens that ask questions so rude.
    I bet if you dig into it more or do an audit, WE will find just what the workers are protecting with their evasive actions and attitudes. The entire avoidance against an audit to prove election is secure , not doing an audit it looks fishy.

    Disappointed at Cherokee BOE

    One time I called the Cherokee BOE and was treated very unprofessionally. I've never been treated that way when calling a customer service in my life (well, I did one time when I received a call from a fake company trying to trick me). Then, I learned the BOE won an award? Are you freaking kidding me? We are living in an upside down world right now.

    Victoria Voter

    This was early voting for a down-ballot runoff. The Felony charge 1 recommendation says interference with the primaries, but there wasn't much of anything to interfere with at this low-turnout runoff. Mr. Jordan didn't prevent anyone from voting. He wasn't blocking anyone's way.

    Then Felony 2 is intimidation of electors. That doesn't make any sense either, and it's unsubstantiated. Filings show there's NO statement from a voter. If you believe a voter in passing might be intimidated by Mr. Jordan lecturing at the Poll Manager (Vicky somebody), that is a HUGE stretch. But a charge results when something happened, not because it might have happened.

    And so the question remains, what did Mr. Jordan remove or destroy? One could argue that their feelings were hurt. That's not a crime. And since when is asking a question a crime? To apply felony 3 or misdemeanor "interference with performance of election duties" in this case is TOTAL FASCISM on display.

    Contrarily, filing false statements is a crime. As well, QR codes printed on our ballots that the machines can read as our vote, but we cannot, also violates Ga law (O.C.G.A. § 21-2-2 (7.1). The GA SOS, county BOEs, and county Elections Directors, like Ann Dover, are all forcing Ga residents to cast illegal, unverifiable, un-human readable ballots. And the thing is, THEY KNOW IT, DO NOTHING ABOUT IT, AND KEEP FORCING THIS ILLEGAL SYSTEM UPON US AT EVERY ELECTION. Then they argue the paper ballots are the verifiable backup, but then won't let us see nor count the paper ballots. It's a system rife with fraud and/or potential fraud. AND CHEROKEE VOTERS ARE WAKING UP TO THIS. Yes we are now taking election integrity VERY, VERY SERIOUSLY. Elections officials AND county officials had better start listening to the People, stop resisting us, and start doing the right thing.


    Similar thing happened to me in Oconee County. I was a poll watcher who refused to sit in the corner and watch. I was reported to my GOP with a handful of fraudulent activities- many of the same as were reported here. The gop banned me from poll watching then reported me to the state where an sos investigator called me and threatened to arrest me. The corruption runs deep.

    Last edited 4 months ago by Suzannah
    Deborah Davis

    Shoot. I was hoping there was video of Dover speaking stupid. Looks like she is the one intimidating voters. I am not sure I care to risk charges to vote.

    Charles Jones

    As a Cherokee County religious-right conservative voter, I say lock him up, throw away the key, burn the dumpster that the key got thrown into, and fill the keyhole with super glue to be double sure!


    What law did he break? Asking questions and pointing out that the QR codes on our ballots is Not a crime!


    Democracy in Georgia in Cherokee County is not rule by the people, but rule by plutocrats.


    I have trouble watching videos on Rumble on my cellphone. The 26 minute video in this article just stops playing after 17 seconds. I tried twice with the same result. Something is wrong with Rumble as I dont have this problem when watching other platform videos on my android phone.


    Sue the SOS for forcing people to participate in possible criminal activity by using ballots that have been ruled as illegal and are not within GA constitution and law signed by the Governor, and if not used, are criminal in nature, resulting in every GA voter being involved in a RICO enterprise, if fraud is uncovered as a result in using illegal ballots/machines...Forcing voters to use illegal and unconstitutional ballots is criminal in and of itself. Therefore, SOS is guilty of perpetrating a crime and enforcing upon the voters of GA a means to knowingly or unknowingly commit a crime, resulting in possible criminal activity, kinda like forcing someone to rob a bank, whether you keep the money or not, or ya just wanna see if you can get away with it, or ya just dont like the manager. REALLY NO DIFFERENT AT ALL. SO IF GA VOTERS DONT WANT TO BE INVOLVED IN CRIMINAL OR POSSIBLE CRIMINAL ACTIVITY, I SUGGEST THEY DONT USE THOSE BALLOTS, KINDA LIKE HAVIN A GUN PUT TO YOUR HEAD, THERE ARE NO MEANS TO TELL WHAT YA DID, WHETHER IT WAS LEGAL OR ILLEGAL, YA DONT KNOW


    Why is there no video of Mr. Jordan?

    Where’s the journalism?

    Trump won Cherokee County big time! I am having a hard time understanding why y’all are bashing on Cherokee director. I have read the poll worker statements. You should do a request for their statements and get both sides of the story.

    kathy king

    People don't seem to realize that all votes are being manipulated. The winner is not about who spent the most time and money campaigning. It's about cheating. Our votes have no value. People this is the end of our country.


    It's ONLY the end of our country if We the People stay passive & do nothing.
    1. Write a letter/email to Robert Jones,
    Police Chief in Woodstock. Refer to this incident & ask him to train his officers how to tactfully deal with the voting public. The video shows officer Hernandez set off this whole debacle with his words to Mr. Jordan.
    2. Write a letter/email to a state legislator
    who is fighting for election integrity complaining about Ms. Anne Dover's fraudulent charges.

    […] Think Injustice Is Limited To Trump And J6? Now Watch What’s Happening In Cherokee County&#823… […]


    It's a sad day when someone just wants to use their "complaint form" to actually write-out a complaint about the QRcode that everyone admits, even election workers/admin; no one can read/substantiate the illegible Code reflects their "vote"; just because it has a name printed by the code on the bottom, is no guarantee that the QRcode could not be manipulated/ altered, (unbeknownst) since that illegible code is what the "counter" COUNTS - seems like a legitimate concern, communicated legitimately.

    She Is Not the Enemy

    This is a witch hunt. In June 2022, Ms. Dover wrote a letter to all elected officials on behalf of Cherokee County voters asking for legislation to remove the QR
    Code from the ballot. She read the letter at a board meeting. There is much more to this story than is being told.


    Can you please provide a link so we can verify this?

    Nancy Brian

    The voter did nothing wrong. What is wrong with those poll workers. She even admits that he made no threat. He asked simple questions. Those workers are very biased. The Police saw that he did nothing wrong.


    A "LEGAL" genocide of whites/Christians/men is ALREADY HAPPENING!!!!

    Be Prepared!
    Choose targets wisely!


    What I saw & heard on the video was this. Mr. Jordan was quietly filling out his complaint form at a table. A Woodstock police officer approached Mr. Jordan. The exchange was pleasant at first, but then officer Hernandez asked Mr. Jordan if he was causing a ruckus. At that point, Mr. Jordan demanded his badge # and spelling of his name & then asked him to step back bc his ballot was in view on the table. Things went downhill from there. Ms. Dover overreacted when she charged him.

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