• Governor Kemp Says When It Comes To Dealing With Illegal Immigration He's "Where The Rubber Meets The Road", REALLY?

    February 6, 2024
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    Kemp has yet to utter a word on the discovery last week of illegal immigrants being trafficked through Atlanta's Hartsfield Airport under the watch of uniformed U.S. military.

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    If Kemp is "where the rubber meets the road" he might want to look into the case of a Georgia Senator being assaulted as he discovers and questions a group operating inside Hartsfield Airport, facilitating the trafficking of illegal immigrants.

    Instead of taking care of the issues in Georgia he spends his time trying to look relevant on the national stage - and failing.

    Here Senator Colton Moore confronts NGP personnel operating out of a hidden room in Hartsfield Airport.


    Here Senator Colton Moore speaks on the Senate floor about his experience:

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    William Quinn

    Bill spent 25+ years managing businesses in the Information and Technology sector. His career includes positions with Philips Electronics, CompuCom, AT&T and IBM. Since 2019 he has been investigating and researching business, health and political issues in order to make truthful information available to the American people.

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    KK's Honey

    Kemp only cares about Davos and enriching himself. Sen.Moore is a Georgia folk hero for hitchin' up his gidy up and heading down there to find the truth. Kemp doesn't care about us, our elections, corrupt DA's or anything that Georgians care about..just getting face time on tv.....Colton Moore for Governor.......Kemp is a sell out for CCP

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