• PART 1: The Audit Of Fulton County GOP That No One Can See

    May 25, 2024

    The whistleblowing begins...


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    EDITOR'S NOTE 5/30/24: FCRP leadership has informed The Georgia Record the forensic audit report was given to the operating committee at the beginning of March, and the committee chose to release the information to the membership in June after the GA GOP convention.

    The Georgia Record will be releasing a series of articles on the financial dealings of the Fulton County GOP. Anyone having additional details on these issues can contact us confidentially at [email protected].

    After the GA GOP convention recently held in Columbus, GA, the phone for The Georgia Record has been literally ringing off the hook. Many of the calls relate to Fulton County, GA GOP issues.

    The turmoil inside the Fulton County GOP has been raging for years, with accusations from insiders of nefarious lack of record keeping, large payments to Dominion lobbyists, self-dealing, election fraud, and threats, character assassination against anyone raising questions. Resignations in disgust have been 'a thing'.

    The morass of the financial record keeping inside FCRP seems to have been common knowledge. The Georgia Record was told the situation for newly-elected Chair Stephenie Endres upon entering office was the finances were simply 'un-auditable' due to what seemed an intentional lack of bookkeeping by previous officials. The lack of information [from the previous administrations] included no knowledge of bank accounts, no meeting minutes, lack of previous statements -- only current balances were provided, according to multiple sources.

    There are still accusations that funds taken from the Fulton County 'trust' (more to come later) were used for personal expenditures, or even more nefarious activities, like paying money to entities working against election integrity.

    We understand an 'audit' was finally conducted via the newly-elected FCRP administration, but only for one year.

    The audit results have not been released to the FCRP operating committee as required by the FCRP bylaws. [see editor's note above] Only a few select individuals have seen the report according to sources.

    These individuals have stopped returning phone calls to those questioning the situation.

    The question is - why?

    What is very curious, is that GA GOP Chair Josh McKoon tried to have many of the people directly involved in the Fulton circus put on the 'Trump Approved' slate of delegates for the RNC Convention in Wisconsin.

    The Georgia Record has reached out to FCRP leadership multiple times with no response.

    This story is developing...

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    L Todd Wood

    L. Todd Wood is the CEO of Creative Destruction Media. He's also been a longtime national security columnist for the Washington Times, and other large publications. Visit LToddWood.com.

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    Sarah Thompson

    Term confusion - let’s be clear. Neither Fulton nor Georgia have compliant political party committees under GA Election Code, which is a requirement of GA Constitution, Article 2. Elections must be conducted in accordance with procedures provided by LAW. This includes political parties. Both are private corporations - they are not bound to transparency and are not subservient as part of a lawful elective franchise. If you accept fraud and lies, you deal with the consequences of fraud and lies.

    Stefan Bartelski

    Amen Sarah

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