• PART 5: FCRP Again Delays Disclosure Of 'Trust Audit' Results, Till After Republican National Convention

    June 21, 2024

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    The Georgia Record has been documenting the seventeen year saga of the Fulton County Republican Party Trust over the last few weeks.

    To recap, we highlighted evidence of possible lack of fiduciary responsibility by those managing the trust -- the value did not grow over a 17 year period, along with other issues like a lack of proper record keeping, and large vender payments without proper documentation.

    We were told by FCRP leadership that disclosure of the results of the 'forensic review' of only one year's activity would happen in June of this year, delayed intentionally until after the GA GOP Convention in Columbus.

    The above meeting announcement sent out recently shows the date has been likely moved again to the end of July, well past the Republican National Convention in Wisconsin.

    We have confirmed some individuals involved in the possible lack of fiduciary responsibility regarding the FCRP trust are GA delegates to the RNC.

    In our opinion, the continued delays in disclosure open the FCRP up to allegations the delays are meant to prevent the membership from knowing the trust history, until there is no chance for accountability for any RNC delegate.

    Reporting from well-known conservative media figures like Steve Bannon, warning of a 'coup' against President Trump at the convention, make the FCRP lack of transparency all the more concerning.

    We asked the FCRP for comment on this story via email and did not receive a response.

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    L Todd Wood

    L. Todd Wood is the CEO of Creative Destruction Media. He's also been a longtime national security columnist for the Washington Times, and other large publications. Visit LToddWood.com.

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    James Abely

    A Trust? Is the trust a 501(c)?

    Does the Trust have an EIN? What is it?

    Does the Trust have trustees? Who are they?

    The failure to provide financials is a red flag.

    James Abely

    Thank you for raising fiduciary duty. Here is how Black's Laws Dictionary defines a fiduciary:

    ""a person who is required to act for the benefit of another person on all matters within the scope of their relationship; one who OWES to another the DUTIES of GOOD FAITH, TRUST, CONFIDENCE, and CANDOR."

    Source: Page 658 of Black's Law Dictionary (8th ed., 2004)

    Sarah Thompson

    Can a judge order a corporate CEO to follow ELECTION law in order to uphold their Title 21 responsibilities… or just their Title 14 ones???

    Sarah Thompson

    How do you make a PRIVATE CORP CEO like Josh McKoon act in PUBLIC INTEREST? You know… like that big fundraiser he did for himself last November charging $5,000 a person to sit with LT Gov Burt Jones….

    James Abely

    A private CEO arguably cannot act in the public interest at times. A fiduciary has an obligation to the corporation, not the public. Corporations have to follow the law, but they must put the law and the corporation's best interest above that of the public interest. Tobacco companies sell cigarettes, for example.

    Sarah Thompson

    Newsflash: The FCRP, Inc. has no LAWFUL jurisdiction in Fulton County over ELECTION affairs. It is a private corporation. No one should be shocked. A private corporation ultimately does whatever it wants. It doesn’t matter how many of the election laws they copy-paste into their documents. No judge can order a CORPORATE CEO to abide by Election Laws. There is an old adage: Frauds do fraudulent things. There is another old adage: Propaganda is usually misleading.

    James Abely

    Because the FCRP calls itself a corporation its officers are indisputably required to meet the requirements of corporate officers. That means there it is a certainty that the FCRP officers have fiduciary duties.

    This article is about the trust. There is no doubt that the managers of the trust have fiduciary duties.

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