• President Trump Validates Year-Long Georgia Record Reporting On 'Smurf' Political Money Laundering

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    June 21, 2024
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    The Georgia Record has been reporting for a year on political money laundering called 'smurfing' that is in use by nefarious actors across the nation to launder money into political campaigns.

    GA Governor Brian Kemp had over 12,000 suspicious campaign finance contributions that were mysteriously removed from the GA Ethics website after our reporting via Chris Gleason.

    Today President Trump informed the world he knows about the 'smurfing' where Peter Bernegger accused President* Joe Biden as being the biggest smurf abuser of all.

    Our sister paper, The Connecticut Centinal wrote today about the reveal by Wisconsin election integrity activist Peter Bernegger on X. The Georgia 2024 Show recently brought Bernegger onto the program to discuss. Our investigative reporter Chris Gleason has appeared multiple times over the last year to discuss the same.

    Although the Georgia GOP is quick to remove 'MAGA' elected officials who disclose uncomfortable truths about Kemp, the GAGOP has been silent about Kemp's smurfing.

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