• Fulton County Republican Party Files Lawsuit Seeking Court Order Requiring County Commissioners To Seat GOP Nominee To Board Of Registrations And Elections

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    July 3, 2023
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    From a Special Georgia Correspondent:

    The Fulton County Republican Party has filed a lawsuit to seek a court order requiring the Democrats on the Fulton County Board of Commissioners to seat its nominee to the Board of Registrations and Election. The Board of Elections is comprised of five persons, two appointed by the Democrat Party, two appointed by the Republican Party, and the casting vote appointed by the County Commission. The County Commission is controlled by Democrats with a 5-to-2 majority.

    The GOP writ of mandamus argues that the applicable statute states that the County Commission “shall” appoint the nominee of the party, and “shall” is a mandatory instruction under existing precedent in Georgia and elsewhere.

    Nonetheless, since the beginning of June, the Democrats in the Fulton County Commission have voted two times on an unprecedented party-line vote to reject the nominees selected by the county party after an arduous nomination process. Last week they consented to seat one GOP nominee on the Board of Elections, but not the other, leaving one seat allocated to the GOP subject to a further nomination. In addition, the County Commission voted, on the same 5-2 party line vote, to pass a “Motion to Deny,” an unusual and possibly unprecedented parliamentary motion which they said meant that the nominee could not be brought up a third time. The Commission did not cite any authority or precedent for its interpretation of a “motion to deny.”

    The rejected Republican nominee, Jason Frazier, is a highly educated professional engineer who works in the private sector. Mr. Frazier has filed challenges to Fulton County voter records in the past; the Democrats objected to Mr. Frazier because of that activity. Mr. Frazier’s past challenges to almost 25,000 voter records have led to the removal of those voter records, investigation demonstrating that 95% of those records were. Mr. Frazier has now identified an additional 2,000 voters living at commercial addresses invalid.

    While rejecting Mr. Frazier, the Fulton County Commission approved the nominee of the Democrat Party, an Atlanta employee who works directly for the City Council President and can now certify the election of his boss.

    The Fulton County Republican Party and others have noted that the voter registration rolls in Fulton County are a mess. Registration has increased to the point that names comprising nearly 114% of the voting-age eligible population was listed on the rolls in 2022, up from 107.7% in 2016 and 108.4% in 2018. See the data collected at https://www.eac.gov/research-and-data/studies-and-reports . This is statistically unlikely, of course, and significantly higher than the 85.4% of the census voting age population that is registered nationally, according to the Election Administration and Voting Survey prepared by the Election Assistance Commission.

    Fulton County has been the poster child for out-of-control elections in other ways, as shown in the still unresolved – and possibly unresolvable -- complaint of Mr. Joe Rossi regarding the 2020 election. In an interview with Just the News in June of 2021, Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger noted the issues and said he wanted the state to take over the operations of elections in Fulton County.

    Photo: Just the News:

    “Enough is enough,” Secretary Raffensperger said at the time, just days after the release of a report documenting widespread election irregularities in Fulton County elections.

    Photo: Emerald Robinson Substack

    But Secretary Raffensperger must have changed his mind. Last week, he praised the decision of the State Election Board to not approve the takeover, stating, “We are glad the State Election Board finally put this issue to rest.” The State Election Board accepted the findings of a three person panel that concluded that the county had successfully run several elections since 2020, implemented new procedures, and changed leadership, with one of the members of the panel admitting, “The idea that you would expect a $500,000 consultancy from three guys volunteering your [sic] time is not reasonable.”

    This story is developing ….

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